Counsel woven into the fabric of real life is wisdom.
-Walter Benjamin
Thank you so much to those who gave me your thoughts on
yesterday’s post.  You have really helped
in more ways than you know.  I feel as though
you have saved me so much time by just helping me to focus  on what is most important about this blog. I
am forever grateful.  I see so many others going
to the magazine type format and I was tempted, but you have put that to bed for
me!!  Also,  I believe you were so open and honest with me
with your comments, so I do want to be open about the fact that occasionally I
plan to do paid reviews and posts.  I am
a school teacher in need of additional income, and it is helpful when the blog
brings some. But, I really promise not to put anything on here that I do not
believe will be of value to someone in the reading audience.  I have said a resounding NO to many, many
offers only because I want to protect what goes before you.   Thank you once again for all of your
opinions…I respect them all.  And welcome to all of the new readers…if you ever have any suggestions, please email me!
What I wore with my blue jacket!!
Friday I plan to do a little thrift shopping, so we will see
how that goes.  I decided to wear one of
the great wool jackets I found earlier in the fall from Goodwill.  The warmth is coming in handy now as we are
experiencing some cold weather…even sleet!! 
A big deal down here.  The blue striped blouse is from thethe Foxcroft Collection.
Today, I wanted to call your attention to a new book, The Thyroid Solution Diet, by Ridha Arem, MD. 
I cannot blame my weight gain on 
my thyroid, but I do know that many women around me have problems in
this area.  Dr. Arem writes, “ Thyroid
hormone is one of the master controllers of weight and the touchstone of
metabolism.  In fact, the other primary
hormones that regulate your metabolism and weight – leptin and ghrelin- work
through thyroid hormone.  The Thyroid
Solution Diet has been meticulously designed to make a thyroid hormone and
leptin more efficient at burning off fat.”
In fact, he believes his diet will help us outsmart aging,
thyroid issues, menopause, and other hormone conditions which lead to weight
The book is very thorough with diet and workout
specifics.  I plan to try his Detox Smoothie:
4 small strawberries
2 Stalks of celery with leaves
1 cup of fresh spinach
½ small grapefruit
½ lime
1 clove of garlic
1 cup of parsley

He recommends sipping this smoothie before breakfast and
again before dinner to jump start our detox. 
He recommends continued use of this smoothie even after achieving goal
weight.  Since I just came out of the
holidays and wedding celebrations, I feel like my system could use a good
detox!! This looks like a good book for those looking for ways to increase your metabolism!!
I also found some great ideas for “slimmer” cooking in the latest edition of . Southern Living Magazine
Have a fun Friday everyone!! 
This weekend is always a little sad as I put away Christmas….I love my
decorations and the house looks so plain without them!  Oh well, on to more fun in 2013!

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