After such wonderful comments about wearing color, I almost
hate to confess to the latter.  For some
reason, when the weather is cold, my go to looks are mostly in BLACK.  I have heard all of the fashion advice about
wearing browns and navy blue instead of black. 
Supposedly, black is so harsh on our complexions,it is better to go
with the other colors for a softer look.
I agree, but I just cannot break up with black….we have a
long history together.  I also am not
sure why I want to wear more of it in the winter, but I do.  I often have to make myself focus in the
mornings to make sure that I do not put on black every day in January (usually
our coldest month).  Yes, winter white is
lovely, but for some reason, not really me.
Jacket: Lane Bryant (2 years ago)
Black Blouse:  Goodwill
Lauren Denim Skirt: Macy’s (1 year ago)
Spanx Tights: Nordstroms
Liz Clairborne booties: Marshalls (3 years ago)
There is a very chic and professional feeling to me about
wearing black.  If you were to ask me today, to
dress for a boardroom meeting, I would most likely reach for black.  Blogging has helped me to add in blue, brown,
and gray….and I do not regret those decisions. 
I just cannot get black out of my system!!
Bracelet and Belt from Kohls
What I wore today, it one of my personal favorites and it
did bring many comments from people who see me every day.
I found this on a KOHLS clearance rack last year for $3.
I, also want to thank Shelley for her comment
yesterday about REALITY.  She wrote that
after she read the post about my financial struggles, I am now more real to her.  That is exactly what I have wanted to be on
this blog.  A real woman who is
struggling to be strong and powerful despite the every day struggles of life…whether
they are finances, illness, aging, family, work….whatever… (allow me the last word, I
hang out with teens all day!)
“Style is not VOGUE. 
Style is not SAKS FIFTH AVENUE. 
Style is not New York or Paris. 
While all of those are part of it, style is how a woman communicates
confidence and strength.  I believe we
can find style right where we live …no matter where that is.  Your runway may be on a sidewalk, a hallway, a
living room, or a backyard.  But, we all definitely walk on one! ”  -Pam, over50feeling40

Thank you so much for reading and commenting……Have a great
weekend, everyone!

Please tell us how you feel about wearing

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