I know we all have our times when it is really difficult to
motivate ourselves to fix up and look our best.
My most difficult days are when it is raining. While I would like to
stay home from work on rainy days, it just doesn’t go well with my boss!
Now, I am not complaining about rain.  Any rain we get is a blessing in our
drought-ridden area of Texas.  But, it is
not fun to straighten your hair, put on cute shoes or even a skirt when the
wind is driving rain into your face!
Scarf: Old Navy
Boyfriend, wool jacket: Goodwill
Gray T, Simply Vera Wang:  Kohls
Lee Slimming Jeans: Kohls
Liz Claiborne Boots: Marshalls
(all bought in the last two years)
What has helped me is to own two cute trench coats found at
a bargain in Ross and Marshalls.  One has
a hood and combined with an umbrella can usually protect my hair.  Also, two years ago my husband surprised me
with a pair of fun Sperry Rain boots he bought at Academy.  I really think they are so cute, I enjoy
having a reason to wear them.  I usually
wear my dark denim – trouser jeans on rainy days…it just seems to be the best
choice when it is wet.
Espirit Trench Coat: Ross
So, how about you, ladies….do you have a special go to outfit
or piece for rainy days to lift your spirits. 
After you tell us, make sure  that you check out the bloggers
of Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop!.  
Happy Thursday everyone!!  The skies have cleared and it’s going to be a great day!

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