You know who I am talking about….most likely we all have at
least one.  The person in your life that
no matter what you wear is going to say something negative about it….it might
be your significant other…it might be a woman friend…it might be your mother…or a co-worker…or even a regular reader on your blog.  However, it is the one person whose expectations you will just never meet!!!

Not even if you walked out in something straight off the
Chanel runway…it won’t look good on you. 
So, how do you handle it?  I will
not go into details, but I will tell you that I have grown over the years to
finally handle this somewhat correctly out of lots of experience.  Oh, it still stings (I am human)….but it does
not shut me down like it used to.

From experience, I offer these recommendations:
      * Before
you react…fall apart…shed tears…bite back…ask yourself is there any truth to
what is being said.  Can you learn
anything from the comment?  Our local
fashion editor once told me that all women need a three way mirror to check out
before we leave the house…it would save a myriad of mistakes!  Sometimes we really do need a second look.
      * If
you decide there is nothing productive in the critic’s words, then do not internalize them.  Allow them to fall gently on your ears, and
then brush them off like a nasty bug. 
     * Make
yourself listen without speaking.   Thank
them for the advice and then do what you want and what you feel is best. It will not help to inflame the
situation with a nasty comment sent back at them.  After that, OWN your decision!  Wear it with confidence.
      * If
it makes you feel better, then seek advice from someone else before you wear
the look.  Every woman needs a
cheerleader in her life, so make sure you have a close friend who will tell you
the truth in gentle, affirming ways.  (I
do not know what I would do without sweet Gigi…I know she will give me her
truthful opinions, and is the first to cheer for my victories)
     * Speak
affirmations to yourself and always focus on your strengths.  Be confident of who you are and excited to
live the rest of your life with a smile. 
Do not let anyone steal that
      * Finally,
it is not about you really…it is about them. 
When someone is constantly critical and negative, the reason has to do
with them and their unhappiness and not about you and your clothes. 
Style by Macy’s Pinstripe Jacket bought at Goodwill
Dana Buchman Blouse at Kohls
Scarf: Marshalls
Talbots pants at Talbots
Seychelles flats: Ross
You might try remembering these things when you have to face
the critic.  If they are too over the top
critical….or just plain mean…you might avoid them if possible or not ask them
what they think (isn’t it funny how we know not to play with fire but still
do!) Or even better….while they are talking, instead of listening, it might
help to envision them with a huge pot of spaghetti turned over on top of their
I will end with one of my all-time favorite Stacy London
“When we allow others to control how we feel about
ourselves; we give up an essential sense of power.” 
      Stacy London, The Truth About Style
How true is that! 
Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!!

BIG NEWS:  I am a part of the this article on the Huffington Post with my picture of fashion mistakes from the past…how much fun!

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