Activewear…Win A Great Look!

If you have read my blog for very long, you know that I
constantly attempt  to win battles with
healthy eating and exercise.   The past
three years have all been the same….I am super faithful to daily exercise from
May to December.   And super faithful to
do nothing from January to May.  I always
allow some type of slump to shut me down and, therefore, gain back any pounds
lost during the early summer rush of adrenaline.
I can make many excuses…most which center on seasonal
allergies.  But, this year I am
determined to get my mojo back before we see March. 
So, when Hydrochic offered to send me a new
workout outfit and test their product, I thought, “PERFECT KICK IN THE BEHIND.
Now, the best part is, Hydrochic wants to offer one of you
a free workout outfit as well…a top and bottom gifted to one of my readers!!  The amazing thing about their products is
they serve a dual purpose!  Here is why
you might want to consider entering this contest
– The entire Hydrochic line is made for both swim and sport
(activewear + swimwear in one!) using light weight and quick drying material.
-All items are UPF 50+ for sun protection
-All items are made from comfortable stretch Italian fabric
for a great feel and fit.  (I can confirm
this…the feel of the fabric is wonderful and unlike any activewear I have ever
-All tops come with a complimentary sport/swim bra (except
for clearance items)…( I will say the bra fits great!)
-The Chlorine Proof line is made from a thicker and more
durable fabric that holds up to frequent use in a chlorinated pool and won’t
stretch or fade.
-Hydrochic is a woman-owned
company, and their product is designed by women for women and offer sizes up to
This summer I can walk in the neighborhood and walk right
into a backyard pool to cool off…all in the same outfit!!
Now…you can win one of these outfits!!  First you must be a follower of this blog,
then you need to go to THIS LINK and leave your email….then leave a comment for
me here on the blog or on MY FACEBOOK that says you want to be entered.  On February 27,
I will announce the winner…so spread the word to your friends!
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!
Your “living-like-you-feel-40” tip for the day:  Get off your tush and MOVE!  The more we move the better we feel!  (and I am talking to myself as well as you!)


  1. You go, Pam! Never give up your desire for better health (and let's give ourselves January and February off, to recover form holidays : >). xoxoxo

  2. Oh yes, definitely I want to be entered! You look great in this outfit and the clothes look very appealing. I look forward to walking rain or shine!

  3. Hi Pam. I've followed your blog for quite awhile, but just recently became a follower. I'd like to enter the giveaway also, please. You look great in the Hydrochic outfit. Can you tell me if their items are true to size? Thanks.

  4. With all the stress I'm under I need to move more than ever – it's just tough to move when you are feeling stressed out, you want to rest. This time of year, in particular, is hard to get motivated. If we lived close I would join you for walks! xo

  5. Nice looking outfit!

    I always see gals out in floppy pants and baggy sweats but I think a fitted outfit (with cool short pants) helps you push the pace up a little. It's not supposed to be a stroll, it's a purposeful walk. All the easier in a sharp looking outfit.

  6. Count me in! Started a lifestyle change in November and have lost 30 pounds so far…but I really do need to get moving more….. With a new outfit, it would be a win/win! You are announcing the winner the day after my cataract surgery which would be great way to speed up recovery! You look adorable! Enjoy your walk!

  7. Love the idea of this outfit! I live close to a neighborhood pool and often in the summer I walk down there and do some "water walking" in the pool for exercise. This would be perfect….no need to change clothes!

    Good luck with exercise. I have told myself that my workouts are like taking a daily pill for blood pressure etc. I am religious about taking my pills for my health and if I look at my workouts the same way then it I'm not likely to find an excuse. I also call exercise my "happy pill"!! It's cheaper than therapy! 🙂

  8. This would be perfect for me. I want to participate in the bicycle run from London to Paris in 2015 and need to get working if I'm goind to be in shape. These clothes look perfect for strenuous exercise. (PS. I will be a young (?) 60 by then.)

  9. I absolutely love their stuff- I hope I win! You look great in what they sent you! I workout all the time- currently training for a half-marathon!

  10. Yes, please enter me in the fitness giveaway! Just to let you know, I followed the link and entered my email. I did not receive a response that I successfully subscribed to the newsletter. I will try again if I don't see anything in my inbox. Thanks again!

  11. I've followed you for awhile now and love your style. I signed up for HydroChick's newsletter. These workout clothes would be perfect for Zumba! Thanks! Beth

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