Birds, Parades, Sunshine…It’s Beginning to Feel A lot Like Springtime!

 San Antonio is one of those wonderful places where spring
shows its true colors early.
  I was
excited to hear from the Battle of Flowers Association last week about their
Fiesta parade on April 26.   Parade Chairman Donna Vaughan announced this
year’s parade theme, “Celebrations,” as they revealed the new parade grand
marshal, actor Armie Hammer who will be joined by his wife, actor/journalist
Elizabeth Chambers for one of the country’s largest parades and the only one
completely, 100% run by women!!
You might remember Armie best as the Winkleboss Twins from the
movie Social Network and soon he will
appear on the big screen as The Lone
with Johnny Depp as his sidekick, Tonto. (I don’t know how many of
Depp fans remember the Lone Ranger and Tonto, but I know many of you who read
this blog do!!)   Armie’s gorgeous wife
is best known in SA for her bakery, Bird Bakery!  
Gigi and I headed over there on our day off
just to celebrate the Battle of Flowers Parade and their master of ceremonies
selection!  Amazing food…perfect
atmosphere…just wish it was closer to my house!
Yes, my lunch was an oatmeal, cranberry, walnut cookie with coffee!!  Best cookie ever!
If you live nearby or have travel money, please put Fiesta and the Battle of Flowers Parade on your calendar…you will not regret it.  And don’t forget to stop by Bird Bakery while
in town.  Oh yes, I must mention Gigi wore the cutest printed pants on our outing…pants are all colors and prints this season!!
She found these at Marshalls!!
 Also, make sure you look for the two fun giveaways I have
coming up later in the week.  I have some
great prizes…make sure you tell your friends!!
Have a fabulous Tuesday all!!

Your “Living- Like- You- Feel -40” Tip for the Day:  Find a fun local bakery….take a friend…and
order something you usually don’t!


  1. I love how you and Gigi light up San Antonio! It really does seem like a cool place to visit and you can bet if I'm lucky enough to make it there you and I will be sharing a sweet at Bird! xo

  2. Love Gigi's so pretty pants! Somehow I missed the fact that you're from SA…my husband's family (Mom's side) is all from there. Delightful city!

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