Coldwater Creek for One Joyful Grandma!!

 “Just about the time a woman thinks her work is done,
she becomes a grandmother.”       Edward
H. Dreschnack
Love this fun Coldwater Creek bangle!
 As a teacher, blogger, writer, wife, and mother….I obviously
don’t mind work….but this new grandmother title, has me just a little
overwhelmed at the moment.   It is always
so wonderful to have a couple of days at the hospital where all you do is push
a button and here comes the Calvary…nurses to take care of every question
and need.
Chic Short Sleeved Coat : My first purchase in the spring
line fills a need in my wardrobe for a classic warmer weather,
professional look!
Going home is the tough part…because Grandma’s cell phone becomes
the new button.  I am still in the early
stages of how all of this will be handled…but, with a smile on my face, I will
handle it!!  We have so many reasons to
be blessed…besides the obvious, our precious grandson.  We are thrilled they live literally five
minutes away and we can get to them very quickly if needed.   We all work nearby and anything we need is
close to us.  So, honestly, I have
nothing to complain about except a little fatigue.
Knit Denim Bootcut Jeans:  I was really in need of a new
pair of  work appropriate jeans…these are the most comfortable
jeans I have ever worn…I do not want to take the off!  I am considering
a pair in white!!
Psst…I know I look a bit frazzled here…it was that kind of week!!
Pictures today, show you exactly what I purchased at my last
trip to Coldwater Creek.  I decided to go
with a couple of classic pieces to enhance my wardrobe.  Pieces I knew I would use over and over
again.  Please know that if I had the
extra money at the time…those navy polka dot ankle jeans, the orange color block jacket, and the dotted cherry shell…would be mine today!!  (And may eventually!!)
I hope all of you have entered the two giveaways I have
going right now…winners will be chosen this week, so just click on these links:
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A caption

I want to thank all of you who sent such sweet emails, comments, and tweets of congrats….you are just the best friends a girl could have…. 
 Now, YOU have a glorious Monday….I must go ATTEMPT to plan out
my week!
The “living-like-you-feel-40” Tip of the Day:  Be flexible. 
When your schedule becomes overwhelming, take “peace time”….a moment to
sit quietly every day…to close your eyes, be quiet, and reflect on what can
change in your schedule to remove some anxiety….maybe even treat yourself to a
massage or facial!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous baby, Pam! You must be so thrilled, as well as exhausted I 'm sure : > Your new CC finds look terrific, and so do you. Thanks for linking up xoxoxoxo

  2. He looks gorgeous, Pam, and congratulations!

    I love that short-sleeved coat. I was thinking about altering a lightweight coat I have to wear indoors, and you may have helped me make up my mind!

    Love the scarves, too!

  3. Congratulations dear Pam!
    It's so wonderful to welcome a new member in the family.
    You don't look tired but elegant and gorgeous as ever. I love your pretty orange scarf mixed with the black dress.
    Take good care of you!

  4. What a beautiful grandson!! I am so thrilled for you that they live so close. You will be a huge help to your daughter. It must be so hard for grandparents who have grandchildren out of state. Remember to rest and take care of yourself too! xo

  5. Congratulations, Pam. You are still a beautiful, put-together, lovely grandmother. Grandparenting adds such a dimension to the word "Love." There is nothing like it!

  6. Congratulations! Adding the title of grandma to your name has got to be a wonderful blessing and what a precious grandson. He is lucky to have a beautiful and stylish grandma. Love your new finds at CC.

  7. Such a little cutie
    I know you will have no trouble running over and holding him all the time
    You are sporting some kick ass scarves in these photos I might add

  8. Congratulations on becoming a Grandmother for the first time, Pam. I'm sure that you will excel at this role, just as you do with all of the hats that you wear in life.

    You chose the perfect background for that beautiful scarf; the scarf is a work of art as much as the blue piece next to you.

  9. A big congratulations on becoming a grandmother, Pam! My mom says it's the best job she's ever had. I'd love to hear name and stats if you'd like to share. The most helpful things my mom did was prepare meals and help with little things around the house. Sometimes she'd just rock my daughter so I could get an afternoon nap -sacred! You seem so caring and gentle, I know you'll be a wonderful grandma!!! ~Sarah

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