Welcome to the new over50feeling40!!  I hope all of you like the blog look as much as I do!  It was designed by the gifted and talented DEBBY STEELE!!  I love Debby’s blog…one of my first reads every morning…and I knew a long time ago that when it came time for a makeover, I wanted Debby to be the creator.  I highly recommend this creative and sweet lady if you are in the market for a change.  I thought she was brilliant to come up with an antique typewriter for my blog page…loved it immediately.

Debby is so inspirational, I thought I would discuss inspiration today.  For me, it comes from a variety of places…sometimes it might be Gigi’s art room, or magazines, or books.  I saw the above picture in Stacy London’s new book The Truth About Style! (I know I discuss this book a lot, but it is excellent).  You can see I made my own notes on the page as to how I would put such a look together from my closet.  I eventually changed from the knit purple jacket to this silk purple jacket I own from Chico’s.  

The bow blouse is new…it is a Jennifer Lopez Blouse from Kohl’s and during their Valentine’s Sale with coupons, I got it for $25.  I love it and know I will wear it often.  Stacy writes about the bow blouse:  “The tie front is inherently feminine…and the black and white print is subtle but visible enough to add some visual interest to the outfit based in solid colors.”  I keep an inspiration folder where I put pages I tear from magazines for looks I can make from my closet.  It helps a lot on days I cannot think of ideas.

Now, please tell me what you think of my new blog style…then Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop!! visit…then have a terrific 
joyful Valentine’s Day!!


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