Secondhand Shopping Campaign

Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow
old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up
enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.  -Samuel Ullman
Thank you for the sweet comments about the re-design!  I certainly love it and it helps to know that
so many of you love it as well.  This
re-design is my enthusiastic commitment to this blog…I have loved blogging and
getting to know so many amazing women through blogging.
One of those women is the talented and passionate Bella of Seattle.  I have been reading Bella’s
blog and communicating with her for at least two years.  When we first met, she lived in California.
Bella is enthusiastic about a new campaign she has started called SHOP SECOND
 So, I asked her to tell us
about it:
“In a nutshell I created the Shop Secondhand First pledge to
give fellow fashion lovers something to rally around, something that was as
much about a commitment to sustainability as it is about style.
Realizing that I was partial to style bloggers who focused
on vintage and/or thrift shopping, and that they, like me, were trying to do
their part to be ethical and sustainable shoppers. I feel that as bloggers, we
can use our online platform as a vehicle to install positive change in the
fashion industry. Rather than focusing on the disposable message of “fast
fashion,” I take the slow fashion approach and appreciate good
construction, fine materials, and ethical production. While I can’t always
afford a $50 organic cotton T-shirt, or high end sweat-shop free designer
goods, the one thing I can afford is the time to source out a needed item
before I make the decision to buy.  While
in the end, I may make the decision to buy something brand new, preferably from
a local family owned business, or online from an ethical company, I know that a
most effective and frugal strategy to shop sustainably is to SHOP SECONDHAND

For the year of 2013 I made the pledge and invite others to
take it with me.
The Pledge:
Shop Secondhand First
I pledge to shop secondhand first. I resolve to buy items
that are thrifted, swapped or handed down. My aim is to limit my consumption, and
in doing so I make my shopping more sustainable. I pledge to support businesses
who commit to sustainable + smart design. My focus is on quality, ethically
produced new is my conscious go-to. I will barter and swap when possible, and
shop charity, consignment and flea markets when probable. I pledge to shop
secondhand and sustainable because I put the planet first.
People can take the pledge here:
I love shopping secondhand as modeled in this outfit today
and I applaud Bella and others for bringing this message to the rest of us!
So, tell me what’s keeping you young?  What are you enthusiastic about currently? 
Then, have a fabulous Friday!!

Chico’s Travelers Jacket: Garment Exchange Resale
Chico’s Travelers Skirt: Serendipity Resale Boutique


  1. Pam, thank you so much for sharing my pledge with your readers as well as showing by example what a person who commits to Shop Secondhand First, can do.

  2. Oh Pam! Wow! First of all your blog looks AMAZING!! Secondly, your post today is like getting together with old friends. Both you and Bella have been such sweet friends to me and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! I love Bella's pledge and I love that you are promoting it! I can't wait to see where this blog takes you!!! Big hugs girly!! Serene

  3. I love Bella and look forward to getting to know you, better, too. I shop secondhand as much as possible. I certainly rarely pay retail!
    I'm in love with that skirt you're wearing; great outfit all around 🙂

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  4. I love the idea and while I didnt consider a pledge, barter, swapping and second hand shopping was just so normal. Not only to preserve our one and only planet, but I think these garments can tell stories. I am on my way to take my pledge now.

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