“What are you writing about today?” a co-worker asked.
“Cardigans!”  I
replied.  “They are excellent transition
pieces as weather gets warmer.”
“I hate them,” she said. 
“They make me feel old.”
This print cardigan is an older Simply Vera design from Kohls
I walked off pondering the conversation.  Cardigans make me feel anything but old…I
always connote them with bobby socks, swing dancing, boyfriend jeans, and good
old rock n roll!  This conversation got
me to wondering if there were any garments which make me feel old.
Besides the obvious…clunky shoes, saggy bras, hair nets, and
hose…I had to confess there are a couple of garments which do bring images of
my teeth in a jar.  One would be
lace.  Now, I know lace has been in-style
for several seasons…but no matter how I style my lace garments, I always feel
older in them. So, I finally took all to the consignment shop!
Also, I feel older in maxi-skirts.  This just might have more to do with body
image and size than anything.  But, I
always try on beautiful long, flowy skirts…stand in front of the mirror…SIGH…and
think… NO!  
So how about you…are there any garments which make you feel
old?  Have you restyled them or just
avoided them altogether?
Toni Pelletier…winner of the Hydro Chic active wear!  Toni, please email me at over50feeling40@gmail.com.  I need to get your email address and pass it
along to HydroChic!
Everyone else…you have until 5PM (CST) on Thursday to enter
to win the Coldwater Creek necklace, bracelet, and earrings…just go HERE and
follow directions!  Winner will be
announced on Friday, March 1!
Your “feeling-40-tip-of-the-day”     Be willing to learn something new every
day…stay open minded.  Maybe add modern
touches to the garments which make you feel older.  But, if the fountain of youth feeling does
not follow, be willing to send the garment on its way!!
Have a Wonderful Wednesday everyone!!

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