When Menswear Makes Sense

“Effortless Style often takes, as it says, relatively little effort.  All you really need is loads of self-confidence…and a smile. (You can carry off anything with a smile!) Of course, a few tips can help you achieve your own effortless (or almost effortless) style.”  – Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange with Sophie Gachet.

This is where I first got the idea…reading this section from the book, Parisian Chic.  The idea?  To shop in menswear stores and departments for certain styles.  Ines likes to take masculine pieces and add feminine touches.

One of my favorite casual styles this past year has been to wear collared, larger shirts with leggings or slim leg jeans. However, a vast majority of women’s collared, tunic shirts are styled with two pockets on either side of the shirt.  For a woman like me, those pockets might as well be headlights shining bright on the ends of my girls.  It is just not the most flattering look on a larger chest.  I recently looked through Parisian Chic and the idea hit me…go look for these shirts in the men’s departments…they only have one pocket! 

My daughter also wanted me to shop for her.  She is looking for the Ralph Lauren Polo Men’s shirts in white to wear with boyfriend jeans and flats.  This will be my next hunting trip to Goodwill!  I found two men’s shirts for $7.00 each at Stein Mart recently.  This plaid works great for now, and I found a beautiful light blue stripe to wear with white jeans in a few weeks.  Currently, I love this style for the weekends.  Here I am wearing the shirt with my Coldwater Creek leggings, and my new silver flats from Ross.  I topped it with one of my Chico’s necklaces.

When I love what I wear, it doesn’t matter where the garment came from and I can easily follow Ines’s suggestion and wear it with confidence and a smile!!

Make sure you check out the other bloggers at Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop!!  and come back tomorrow to see who wins the Coldwater Creek jewelry set.

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The “living-like-you-feel-40” tip of the day:  Never leave the house without confidence and a smile!

Have a wonderful Thursday, all!!


  1. I have too much difference between shoulders and hips to wear mens clothing. To get a shirt like yours to button at the hip the chest would be beyond oversized. Since the double-flap chest pockets create the impression I actually have a chest, I'm OK sticking with women's wear!

  2. I love wearing the Ralph Lauren Polo dress shirts…. I am a huge thrift store shopper and finding them at Goodwill is usually pretty easy….. You look great! Makes me want to go "thrifting" right! The hunt is the most fun! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love a menswear look on women. Very chic, very sexy. I especially love a tailored jacket – and pinstripes at that!

    As a little woman (pretty teeny-tiny), I can't get away with any sort of pattern on top except perhaps a vertical stripe, so I tend to stick with solids. I also love Chicos – have always found wonderful options that mix and match impeccably, and last, last, last…

  4. Hi Pam,
    I just found your blog… and I'm lovin' it! I've been blogging about making folk art for a couple of years now, and just added a page called Alter Ego Fashionista to 'talk fashion' for gals like us – with a little age under our belts! Love your title…it fits so perfectly! I look forward to following you and hopefully sharing some tips!

  5. i used to borrow the sons clothes all the time, then they got bigger than me!
    i will borrow husbands scarves and socks in a heart beat though

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