Spring Transitions: It’s Time!

I am certain most of you…especially those in the Northeast…are
ready to transition to spring! 
My Harper’s Bazaar recently arrived with all of the fun ideas of what would be IN for this
spring and I took note of several doable trends.  I think the trends make fashion fun and
creative, so I love to check them out for each season.
However, I do not have the disposable income to run to the
mall as soon as I read the magazine, so I am thrilled to have Goodwill around.   So far, this year, I have
noticed polka dots still on trend…particularly in black and white.  Also, pants are every color and print you can
imagine.  This fun Chelsea duster will
serve me well with my green , red, white, or black pants….in fact, I am
dreaming of purple pants!!  It is a fun
piece and I added it to my closet for just $4.99!
Also, it is a little early to break out the sandals, so I
was extremely excited to find these BORN leather flats in a gorgeous green…perfect
for the seasonal transition.  The flats
were only $3.99 at Goodwill, and BORN shoes are usually around $100 and very comfortable.  They are one of the many top quality items at
the Goodwill located at Highway 281 and Bitters Road in San Antonio. 
Join me…transition to spring at Goodwill…you will find an
affordable way to make the trends work for you. If you have done any spring shopping,
please share what you found.
Now, please go visit the creative ladies of VISIBLE MONDAY!!  and Thrifters Anonymous! and Monday Mingle!!  And have a happy Monday all!




  1. I am so glad that polka dots is still in – I love pole dots! You look lovely in you polka dot duster. I have the exact same bracelet as you got -I got it at Cicho's at super sale when I visited California in November. I love it, but I have to say that it has not kept as nice as I had hoped. I hope mine was a Monday specimen and that yours stay shiny and silver colored! There is no good Goodwills where I live, but I ordered some spring items online last week. Fingers crossed that they will turn out as good as in the pictures!

  2. Pam, if I didn't have good home training I think I'd have to hijack those shoes!! I'm hyperventilating. I love the color and style, and the leather looks so rich. Your outfit looks tres chic to me and of course I also preach the Goodwill gospel. Looking fabulous!!!!!

  3. I love that duster, and I love the orange belt you added for contrast! And I'm glad to know that polka dots are still in, because I haven't found any for my wardrobe yet.

  4. Your pants are also right on trend since emerald green is the Pantone color of the year!

    I haven't been to San Antonio in years but I remember that I always had a lot of fun. And that was before I knew about Goodwill. Based on your finds, I can tell it would be worth the trip! I am an avid Goodwill shopper here in Atlanta, so if you ever find yourself in Atlanta, let me know. We will have some fun!

  5. Okay, once again we're in sync with what we're posting. Too funny. Check out my black and white polka dot umbrella (last picture on my post) and my orange trench. I l love your polka dot coat with the orange belt!! And I'm envious of your Born shoes. I have a pair of their boots and they're the most comfortable boots I own. I'm guessing their shoes are just as wonderful.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  6. I am 55 and I found your blog when searching for over 40 bloggers. I first had the idea to start a blog for "older moms" when I was noticing a lot of blogs were aimed toward moms with young children. I applaud these and the help, companionship, information and support they provide and I still remember those days well…..well, most days I remember them well!! However, my kids are grown and I'm no longer in my 30's….or 40’s and some of the information I was getting was no longer relevant and some of the information I was seeking was not out there. I thought there must be others out there who felt the same… so, here I am and I hope I’m not alone!!

    Monica, Older Mommy Still Yummy

  7. We have been having winter one day and spring the next. It is sure hard to dress for that.

    I love this outfit of yours. I am loving polka dots this year. Those shoes are so fabulous! I have been wanting some green shoes and here you found yours at Goodwill. Wow! They are perfect in color and the style is fab.

  8. I love this combination. One of my favorite outfits so far. I just wish I could find the the FINDS at our local Goodwill that you do. Just haven't been so lucky.

  9. You are right…polka dots are not going anywhere!!
    Love your jacket and it looks so good paired with the green trousers.
    I don't know if I am ready for spring yet, but I sure am having fun looking at all the mags.

  10. I was thrilled to see polka dots are here for another season, they just spell happiness, don't you think? What a great duster you found and it looks fantastic with those green pants. I can't believe you found those Born sandals, such a fun and cheerful color. Can't wait to see you in some purple pants, which I'm sure you will find.

  11. I am obsessed with polka dots and I love the way you've incorporated them into your outfit. I just found a black top with red and white polka dots you will see on Spashionista Report when the weather gets warm enough for me to wear it!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  12. I love everything about this look. The green pants, the polkas, and the pop of hot belt!! Just lovely. AND affordable. I can't even read harpers or vogue because their definition of affordable is so out of line with reality.

  13. I really love the length of that jacket. I just bought something similar from Piperlime. It's a flattering cut but hard to find. You look great.

  14. Wow …. that is an AWESOME coat and the Best part is you got it at Goodwill! I found you on the SA Goodwill Facebook page. I also have a thrifting blog so I love what you have here! pippa

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