Emerald Green Fashions: How To Style Them?

Green is the color right now…for March…for Spring 2013…for
St. Patrick’s Day…everything green.
fact, Pantone selected EMERALD as the color of the year.  Here it is pictured in a graphic from Pantone with the other Spring and Summer 2013 feature colors:
Tuesday I am joining with Adrienne (all the looks are here on Adrienne’s page) and Jill as we all
celebrate how we wear our green.  I
ordered these green denim pants from Talbots when they were on sale after
Christmas and I really love them.  When I
first showed them on the blog, it was with a little polka dot jacket I
found at Goodwill. 
White Blouse: Foxcroft Collection
Navy Tahari Cardigan: Marshalls
I can actually see me wearing today’s look more often.  The navy, white, green, orange and silver
really work for me.   I also remembered my navy patent flats after I took the pictures with the silver shoes.  But my favorite accent color with this is in the orange accessories…also a very popular color this year. 
Currently, I am over on Living Better at 50+ with suggestions for shopping the current spring trends in pants.  Just go HERE for that article!
Rampage Silver Moccasin:  Ross
Tell me, what’s your favorite color on the Pantone chart for
Spring??  Then hop over to the other
ladies and see how everyone else wears their green!!  Have a great Tuesday all!
Bracelet and Belt: Lane Bryant
Roberta Gandolfi (Italian) handbag:  Marshalls (3 years back)
Your “living like you feel 40” tip of the day:  As soon as you can, experience spring.  Pull back the sunroof of the car….wear spring colors…sit outside to read…eat on a patio…don’t let opportunities go by.


    1. You are so kind, Cathy. My captions are not showing for some reason, so I apologize. The shoes are a new purchase from Ross. They are by Rampage and I think were about $12. The purse I got about three years ago at Marshalls. It is Italian leather, by Roberta Gandolfi. Thanks again for reading and you sweet comment.

  1. I think Monaco blue is my favorite color
    I am having a hard time jumping on the emerald band wagon
    I think it just reminds me a lot of the 80's lol
    Love the orange bag you paired with your cute outfit

  2. Hey Pam.. thats an awesome color combo you are wearing. I hadnt yet checked the spring color palette so thanks for providing it here. I am not so sure what I am going to do.. the only colors on there that will work for me are emerald green and some of the violets.. the orangey colors are absolutely sickly on me and not my colors!! well, black is always a mainstay dare I say!! LOL
    you are looking really great!! xoxo J

  3. Hi Pam,
    I really love this look. The emerald and navy are great. Your orange gives it a nice pop. The flats; perfect!
    Come and visit when you have a moment.
    Art by Karena

  4. It doesn't happen very often, but I'm pretty sure I love all of the Pantone colors for Spring!

    I'm really glad that Pantone selected emerald as the color of the year, because I've been thinking for a while that there just isn't enough green in the stores. Hope it starts showing up more frequently 🙂

  5. Wait, I'm not 40? lol

    Green jeans! Yours are lovely. I wear very little green but have added a few patterned dresses in green. I like the lilac and dusk rose from the chart best.

  6. Forget the green (sorry)… but I am utterly in love with that sassy, flirty orange purse! (And I have just the shoes to match… but then, you would've known that…)

  7. Am lovin' the emerald green with the orange … quite eye-catching!! I suppose I am a little partial to the African Violet, although I am sad that there are not wonderful "pinks" on the chart 🙁

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