Yes, with age comes wisdom!  I am amazed at all I have learned in just the past eight years about myself and the styles which look best on me.  For instance, my favorite neckline is a V-neck.  It really does open my face and elongate my look.  Also, the way a garment fits is…well…everything!

Fit is where eshakti comes in and owns!  There whole concept is to make the garments custom fit to your body.  So, when they offered to make something for me from their spring line.  Of course, I said, I’m in!  I loved this “bird” print, bow-tie top and know I will wear it often….it will go with so many colors!

A couple of my other favorites from this collection are:
High Stepping Crepe Skirt
Keyhole Front Knit Dress

I know there are many of you who have “fit” issues when you shop.  Your body type lends itself to the need for alterations.  eshakti is the answer for you and it is worth a try.  Custom Fit is exactly what they do.  Just click on the sidebar link for a special discount!!
Now, I hope you will  join the other ladies from VISIBLE MONDAY! and MONDAY MINGLE!  and MONDAY BLOOM!

And May Your Day Be Filled with Sunshine!!

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