One Special Week!

No two words are more important this time of year to an educator than these….SPRING BREAK!
With limited funds, I cannot take off on a wonderful vacation.  But what I can do to bring joy to my week is reach out to those around me a little more….

Look deeper into the eyes of others and take the time to listen!!

And, of course, look for some great blog posts to bring to you…which I plan to do.  

Whether you are on Spring Break or not…have a fabulous weekend!!
Does anyone have special plans for the week??


  1. Those images from the art institute are amazing!!!
    I just love to be inspired!
    then I wish I had thought of that 😉

    When I worked at a shelter foe Mom's with addiciton issues, I did art class with them and their kids. I had thier art-work hung everywhere. Little kida and hurting people do so moving stuff.

    My week?
    Whever the wind blows me I guess…..

    I so enjoy your positivity,Pam.
    You are one of my regulars I wake up to to get in a good frame of mind for the day.
    Reva 🙂

  2. Love the art images, but after your reply to me giving encouragement to add colour into my outfits, the 'on the move looking for style' is just what I need for introducing bright colours. Thanks Pam.( I've made a start)
    Barbara Lilian

  3. This spring break is extra special for me
    Both of my boys are home!
    Haven't had that since Christmas day.
    We aren't going anywhere, but plan to have a nice relaxing, rejuvenating week!!

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