Mixing it up with Goodwill!!

Pattern Mixing…it is still big on the fashion scene and for
some reason I find myself consistently attracted to the looks.  But, beware, for some other reason, most men
don’t get it and look at these styles as mistakes…unless they are in the world
of fashion themselves.  My peeps and I
are constantly discussing this last observation.

We love the mixed up look, but do not want to spend big
bucks because we wear them so rarely and our husbands usually say, WHY?  This is where Goodwill is a plus for mixing-
things- up- fun and fashion thrift ideas!!   When Spring Break
began, I thought there is no better way to enjoy myself than to head out for a
treasure hunt.   The Chico’s jacket I
discovered in Julia’s Attic is perfect for black and white pattern mixing and
actually perfect for all types of styles this spring.
Pattern mixing works best when you keep colors within the
same families of the patterns.  In this
picture, I have put under the Chico’s jacket a fun black and white blouse
with horses!!   I really like it and will
probably wear it to work…running the risk that male co-workers will crinkle
their noses.
While in Goodwill, I also thought a fun way to enjoy Spring
Break would be to add some decoration touches to the house.  Here are just a few of the pieces I purchased
while there…I cannot tell you how much I love the lamp!!  Maybe others were on beaches  or stuck on a Carnival cruise ship somewhere…I am
just content to have some shopping fun at Goodwill!
Now go enjoy the other bloggers of Visible Monday and Monday Bloom and MONDAY MINGLE and THRIFTER’S ANONYMOUS have an awesome start to your week!!


Your “living-like-you-feel-40” tip of the day:  Don’t lament if you do have the money to spend on high fashion or spring vacations, there are so many ways to have affordable fun…just get up and get out!!

All Goodwill purchases made in this post were from the San Antonio
location at Highway 281N and Bitters Road.


  1. I think sometimes we should be thankful that the guys are paying attention even if they don't "get" the pattern-mixing trend LOL!
    You DO get it, though. I love the shirt and jacket patterns together. It looks very sophisticated.

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  2. Are you talking about the 2 prints that are on the jacket? are they on the jacket? Yeah, my husband will compliment me on an outfit I dont like, and hate an outfit I love!

    1. I've been looking at lamps in thrifts/goodwill and it's challenging to look at row of scuffed up lamps on a bare shelf and "see" it in your home. When you look at a lamp in a retail store it's often set in a fake living room so you have reference. Still, with all that detail I suspect it was an expensive lamp when someone first purchased it.

  3. That is a strange lamp. Does the design of the shade give the light a diffused glow? I don't know if my husband "gets" pattern-mixing, but he definitely doesn't get soft light. I'll have all the lamps in a room set so it has a nice warm appearance (flattering to the occupants) and he'll come in and flip the harsh overhead light on. Grrrr….

    1. Hi Rose, I really love this lamp, but you are right it is a little strange. I also like lamplight rather than bright overheads and my family gives me a hard time as well…so I completely understand. This light is right above my reading chair and focuses the light exactly where I need it!!

  4. Pam, I always love the looks you have with your ankle pants. What brand do you usually get. I would like some for spring but I am a pear shaoe and sometimes hard to fit.
    Love Goodwill too!
    Thank you for your blog. Love it!

  5. Great pattern mixing. At first glance I thought the black blouse was a trim on the jacket. Fantastic styling and great buy in the jacket. Love the accents with the red cuff and yellow shoes too.

  6. Too funny! My hubs make comments on my outfits all the time. Not necessarily good or bad…he'll just blurt out whatever he feels. Most of the time, it's really funny.
    I love your pattern mixing, and I'm glad you had a good spring break!

  7. First of all, I love everything you've thrifted here, especially the jacket and the candle holder. It's precisely because of finds like these that it's virtually impossible for me to shop retail anymore. Thrifting is better. I think your pattern mixing here is beautifully done, and the red bracelet (and red top underneath?) adds exactly the right touch to the black and white. Finished off with the gorgeous yellow flats, you are a work of art.

    As far as my husband, he's more generous with his compliments now that he hears other people commenting; I think he's beginning to get the aesthetic. Hurray!

  8. I love that jacket and shirt together – in fact, I thought the shirt was part of the trim of the jacket. They look so perfect together! Your comment on men's reactions is interesting – I thought it was just my husband! He finds odd mixes of color to be wrong, also, but he's slowly getting used to my experiments. And I love your red bracelet and yellow shoes with your black and white outfit!

  9. Well, Pam, you had me at pattern mixing!

    This post covers two of my loves…Goodwill and pattern mixing. I think you did an amazing job with styling this jacket, which I would SO love to find at my local Goodwill! And the pop of red against the black and white would make you very welcome in this neck of the woods as those are the colors for the University of Georgia. Go Dawgs!

    You found some awesome stuff…isn't it amazing what people will give away!

  10. I am blessed to have a husband who is so happy to see his wife finding herself again, that he comes home most nights and notices my outfits and give pretty specific compliments. It is evident that he listens when I talk fashion!

    What a great way to spend spring break, but then again that's coming from a thrifter! My husband would prefer the trip for sure!

  11. You look lovely in your mixed patterns! You had much better luck with your trip to Goodwill than I did this week. Sheila (one of the 3 bloggers at our site) was teaching me how to "thrift" (for an upcoming post) and we were hitting all of her favorite stores. Did come away with a couple of baskets and books but nothing like your treasures. I'll have to try it again!
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  12. I think mixing a larger and smaller print together like you have done works. But black and white is also big for spring. Nice shopping.

  13. Chris –
    The Goodwill's in my neck of the woods are certainly no relation to the ones you shop in! Most of the clothes in the Goodwill near me are more suited to a rag bin than for wearing – and they are expensive. I can usually find a better deal at Target or Kohl's. What is the secret to Goodwill shopping?

    1. Hi Chris,
      I guess my secret is to go often!! There are several in my town and it is nothing for me to take a few minutes and run into one just to check things out! I like shopping at Goodwill because of the support the organization gives the community. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. You always do such a good job of finding great looking clothes at the Goodwill! I have a Salvation Army near me and it is quite "hit-and-miss" when it comes to their clothing selections. Unfortunately, they seem to have raised their prices since the first of the year — not always making them the great deal they once were. However, every time I see what you have found, you inspire me to go back and try again 🙂

  15. Baaa hhhaaaaa … that is sooo funny … Guys do NOT get the pattern mixing. If my hubby says "ummmm, I don't know" I know it will be a winner and one of those outfits I get a ton of compliments on!

    Plus GREAT find with the lamp!!!! pippa

  16. not only is your jacket great for pattern mixing, how on trend with the black and white! great find
    husband is heading to SA on Wed and was checking the weather, man ya'll are already having a heat wave it looks like!

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