Pattern Mixing…it is still big on the fashion scene and for
some reason I find myself consistently attracted to the looks.  But, beware, for some other reason, most men
don’t get it and look at these styles as mistakes…unless they are in the world
of fashion themselves.  My peeps and I
are constantly discussing this last observation.

We love the mixed up look, but do not want to spend big
bucks because we wear them so rarely and our husbands usually say, WHY?  This is where Goodwill is a plus for mixing-
things- up- fun and fashion thrift ideas!!   When Spring Break
began, I thought there is no better way to enjoy myself than to head out for a
treasure hunt.   The Chico’s jacket I
discovered in Julia’s Attic is perfect for black and white pattern mixing and
actually perfect for all types of styles this spring.
Pattern mixing works best when you keep colors within the
same families of the patterns.  In this
picture, I have put under the Chico’s jacket a fun black and white blouse
with horses!!   I really like it and will
probably wear it to work…running the risk that male co-workers will crinkle
their noses.
While in Goodwill, I also thought a fun way to enjoy Spring
Break would be to add some decoration touches to the house.  Here are just a few of the pieces I purchased
while there…I cannot tell you how much I love the lamp!!  Maybe others were on beaches  or stuck on a Carnival cruise ship somewhere…I am
just content to have some shopping fun at Goodwill!
Now go enjoy the other bloggers of Visible Monday and Monday Bloom and MONDAY MINGLE and THRIFTER’S ANONYMOUS have an awesome start to your week!!

Your “living-like-you-feel-40” tip of the day:  Don’t lament if you do have the money to spend on high fashion or spring vacations, there are so many ways to have affordable fun…just get up and get out!!

All Goodwill purchases made in this post were from the San Antonio
location at Highway 281N and Bitters Road.

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