Soft Surroundings…Our Own Place for Beauty!

 There is just something about walking into Soft Surroundings
at the Shops of La Cantera .
  The ,décor
is beautiful and inviting.  The music of
Ballroom Classics(of course with Frank Sinatra songs) transported me to a
different, relaxed state of mind. But, last Saturday it was the next best thing
to home, when they opened two hours early for me and my blogging friends to
have some girl-time- beauty- pampering- fun!
Complete with fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh strawberries,
and pastries, the morning was tailor made just for us.  Soft Surroundings is one store designed to
meet the needs of women…and they have focused on, and not left out, women
40+…possibly because the company was founded and lead by such a woman in Robin Sheldon.  It truly is our place and not one of the many retailers attempting to just reach out for youth.
Robin travels the earth to find products recommended by the
world’s top dermatologists to enhance our beauty.  In store, you will find oils from Africa and
lotions from France which leave your skin silky smooth and deliciously hydrated.  Lisa of The Pennington Point and Colleen of San Antonio Mom Blogs joined Gigi and I for
makeovers which focused on each individual woman’s particular needs.  Gigi needed some brow repair so she was introduced to Wunderbrow, a product which creates natural looking brows that last for days.  Gigi told me on Monday after two showers and three days, the brows still looked the same!!  As women of a certain age, Soft Surroundings certainly addresses our concerns with top of the line products!
   Some of us required extra attention to bags under
the eyes (and found the help with Eye Surgery)…some of us were looking for magic on our necks (and found it with Rodial Chin and Neck Lift), some
needed attention to brows, or skin issues. 
All of us fell in love with gorgeous Debbie, the beautician who spent so
much time discussing answers to our questions. 
I also was excited to find out that for just $30 Soft Surroundings will
do a makeover for any special event (except weddings are just a little more).  I
may just have to take advantage of that offer.  Use the coupon in my sidebar and go in for some pampering, girls…you will not regret it!
One thing I know for sure, I will include Soft Surroundings when I am in need of beauty products.  You need to check out their special beauty event going on now!! We
also played with the new spring clothes, so look for that post coming up in the
near future!  I will show you my favorite in store items.  Now, the big pearls I featured on Sunday, were from a special collection of jewelry you can place in the freezer and wear for special events on hot summer nights!  That is why I said it is perfect for San Antonio women or those in the midst of hot flashes!!
Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!!


  1. Have you actually tried the Fat Girl Slim and had good results? I haven't seen many positive reviews on this product.

    1. I have not personally tried the product…but, the beautician had tried the product and said that she was amazed at how well it worked. Based on its results, she was able to buy a pair of tight leggings she had not been able to purchase previously because you could see the cellulite. But this product took care of that. I realize that testing any product is a gamble…they so often work differently on different bodies. But, here is one positive report for you to add to your decision to use!!

  2. Looks like an awesome day! I drool over the Soft Surroundings catalog every time I get it! I think when we move to Texas for the winter, we may have to move close to you so you can show me all of the great places you talk about in your blog….. Have a great day!

  3. Oh it looks like you all had so much fun. I wish I could've been there with you! And I like those earrings you featured too, gorgeous. Did you buy them? XO, Jill

  4. When I read your first post on Soft Surrounding I went to the site and loved what I saw, so much so, that I tried to make an order only to find out that they don't ship to Canada. Sigh. If you have any pull at the top, see if they won't change this 😉

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