Yesterday was a big day! 
I had quite a few new readers come check out this blog because I was
mentioned in a Chat Room….welcome, to any of you who stopped by and decided to
come back!!
With this joy always comes the zingers!  Someone wrote (in the chat room) that my
jewelry is too big and chunky….I can live with that; sometimes I think it is
too big and chunky!!   That was kind
compared to another ANONYMOUS commenter who said:
1.            My look
was unflattering
2.            My
clothes are wrinkled
3.            My shoes
were for younger girls because that pair was styled with some shiny materials
4.            My pants
were too short and inappropriate for my age
That about sums it up!! Just between you and me, I think someone was having a bad day.  I did not post the comment because 
it read as a personal attack and not constructive criticism…in fact, I think it was meant to discourage.   This all made me want to re-visit something…What
this blog is about!
You can go to my pages to read the complete story of how I
began, but in one word, this blog is about: INSPIRATION.  I want to inspire Baby Boomers to enjoy
life…to look and live with joy, strength, and power.  It is not about hoping all of you will dress just
like me…heavens, NO!  It is about
inspiring you to get up and get out while looking and feeling your best. 
I developed the Foundational Five to help all
of us decide what we each want to communicate with our own fashion
choices.  I have followed it…others have
followed it…and I believe it works.  What
do you want to say with your clothing when you walk out the door each day?
I struggled for a long time with putting my picture on the
blog…it was the coaxing and encouragement of others which convinced me that
OOTD (Outfit of the Day) was an important component of style blogging.  I hope it is more about the message than the
pictures.  In fact, I received a
wonderful email yesterday from a woman who wrote this:
Hi Pam, I’m presently spending a semester teaching English
in Dalian, China where internet service is poor and many websites are blocked.
I’ve given up reading most of my favourite fashion blogs because I either can’t
access them at all or I can’t see the pictures. Without the photos, most of
them don’t have much to say but I just had to let you know that, in spite of
the fact that I can’t usually see the pictures on yours either (sad about
that!), I continue to receive it via email and I read every post because even
without the pictures, you have something worthwhile to say to women. Keep up
the good work!
Thanks so much, Elaine. 
After hearing how ugly my shoes are, I needed to hear this. She has the gift of encouragement!  THANK YOU TO ALL WHO READ, COMMENT, AND PASS
ALONG THE BLOG…you are truly a blessing to me!!
Tomorrow, I will be joining in with a group of amazing women
bloggers of Generation Fabulous.  We will answer the question:  What does Aging Gracefully mean to me?  I hope you will come back.
Make sure you enter to win the Soft Surroundings Topper…just
click on the link in the sidebar…then 
Have an amazing Tuesday!!
Your “living-like-you-feel-40” tip of the day:  Go Find someone you can encourage….it will
bring a smile to your own heart!

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