Orange is the happiest color. – Frank Sinatra
Sing it, Frank!  I
love the joy orange brings me.   But, alas, I
know not all agree with the Chairman of the Board.  I received an email from one reader, “Pam, I
am so grieved to see orange everywhere. 
I cannot wear orange.  It doesn’t
look good on me.  Any suggestions for
what else I can do in an orange-colored fashion world?”
Orange-you glad she asked?? 
There are so many fun accessories with hints of orange, and they make a
nice, subtle way to pop an outfit.  When
I went to my closet to see what accessories I owned with orange accents, I was
pleasantly surprised to see so many.  My
personal accessory line is really dated, but I have seen new options in just
about every store I have visited.  You do
not have to be over the top…just add a few touches or go with orange’s softer
sister, coral.
Another is the Madonna-
with orange velvet leggings:  She said, 
“I live for meeting with men in suits. I love them because I know they
had a really boring week and I walk in there with my orange velvet leggings and
drop popcorn in my cleavage and then fish it out and eat it. I like that. I
know I’m entertaining them, and I know that they know.”    Well, there might be a better way to draw
attention to your style than going that far.  🙂
While pondering the many ways you can wear orange, go visit
the other fun bloggers on Thursday at Katie’s Favorite Things  link Up..
 Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!!

Your “living-like-you-feel-40” tip of the day:  You will enjoy life more if you give any person who insults you a blessing in return and not an insult.  Insult for insult just robs you of joy!  

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