Reader Request: Where’d You Get Those Pants?

All things Pants…that is the current fashion headline and I
am loving the options!  A reader asked me
on Monday where I purchase my slim
legs-ankle- length pants
.  First, I
want you to know that one of my wardrobe goals for the past six months has been
to upgrade my pants.
My old selections were too big, baggy, and frumpy and they
literally put a cramp in my style!  So,
with the goal in mind of a new more stylish me, I have tried on pants
everywhere I have been.  Some have
worked, some have not…some have worked in the budget, and some have not.   The operative phrase here is that I “tried
them on.”  I highly recommend a visit to
a variety of stores and try on a lot of pants…great way to work off
calories.  Fit is so important, but
differs from store to store and label to label. 
I really am glad I tried on skinny pants, because otherwise I would have
just assumed they are for skinny girls.  
 Not all skinny pants are the same in that great fashion universe. But, I
can wear some with success.  The same for
leggings.  I love the ankle length, but I
am trying not to do a capri… (Though, I guarantee I will be seen in my old
capris this summer).   I also purchased
the ones with a little stretch in them, but I read a lot of reviews to find out
which stretch pants hold their shape. 
This is a long winded answer to a simple question…where do
you buy your slim- leg- ankle- length pants? You can see today that I purchased
these MNG by Mango pants at JCP for about $22 last weekend.  I have new pants from Talbots, Coldwater Creek,
and Lane Bryant.  My Lane Bryant pants
are Genius Fit Ankle Jeans and they are an amazing fit.   
All three of these retailers run sales and
coupons.  I highly recommend signing up
for their emails, because often that is where I am informed of sales and specials.  Currently, Coldwater Creek has a great special on pants and they have an exciting spring line of prints and colors.
So, ladies where do you buy YOUR pants??
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!
Living “like-you-feel-40” tip of the day: Feeling a little gloomy?  SING!  Pull out your favorite blasts from the past and let loose!  It puts a spring in your step!


  1. I just got a great pair of black pants at a local consignment store. They still had the original price tag on from Chico's. But I paid practically nothing. LOVE them.

  2. For me, as a pear .. it's about fit and what ever store has a brand that fits .. that's where I'm shoppin'

    But of course, it's not that simple. I have to shop everywhere and try on every pair of pants I buy. Then I have to go have them hemmed. Ah, well at least I get to shop all the time. It's almost like a sport 😉


  3. The pants that you've added to your wardrobe fit perfectly with lots of style. I resist trying on jeans/pants because they take so much effort. Maybe that's why I have a deficit of this item in my closet. You've inspired me to spend a day with focus and see what I come up with.

  4. My favorite is that top outfit with the gorgeous putty-like colored camouflage look pant and the black flats. Ankle length is my favorite and I have recently bought a couple of pair that length. I'm also trying to get away from the capri length, but have some I know I'll be wearing from time to time for a more casual look this summer.

  5. I agree the fit of pants is so important. As I have a wider hip to waist ratio I have to buy to fit on the hip and then have the waist altered. As this can add to the cost I normally buy good quality trs that will last.

  6. Wow, Pam you're looking fantastic in these new trousers. Love the CC denims – they are sleek without being tight, and look like they're made for you (scurries over to the CC site to check them out). Thanks for the tips! xoxoxo

  7. I get my jeans from Not Your Daughter's Jeans. They're always on sale at Nordstrom Rack. I get trouser-style pants from Banana Republic. I am always trying on pants – it's not easy to find good quality that fits well! Of course, when I'm feeling particularly lazy or a bit pudgy, there's always leggings.

  8. Coldwater Creek and Chico's are my go-to places for slim, ankle length pants. At Chico's the short length, when I can find them, fit me without alterations. I am 5'4" and have found that this length really works well for me. I might even try a dark print pant that I saw in the Coldwater Creek catalgue which would be quite a stretch for me.

  9. Here in the UK we stock an amazing Jeans brand called Anna Montanna. I have four pairs of their magic Stretch skinnys and have just added two pairs of 7/8ths skinnies (an ankle skimming length that is absolutely on trend in Europe this season). If you can source Anna Montanna in the U.S. I strongly recommend them … and they are not just in skinny bird sizes either. upto a size 20 US I think!

  10. I just went through this odyssey on my own blog in my "Goodnight Moon" post. You're right, the newer slim cuts can be perfectly age appropriate without any frump factor. You definitely look like a million bucks, Pam! I have found good colored skinnies at Stein Mart but for straight up denim I'm with Kristien62 on Chico's – although I still had to have about 4" taken up on the short length!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  11. It's so true 'you need to try clothed on' some fit perfectly others are too big on the hips or too long. I find it difficult to get trousers in petite leg length. when I do find a good fit they are usually expensive, I don't know why they take less material. ha ha.

  12. I think pants are the hardest piece of clothing for women to buy
    No two stores cut their pants the same or even have the same sizing
    My go to pants are usually from the GAP or Loft
    I just know which of their styles fits me best
    You are rocking all of your new pants!

  13. Pants are tough tough tough… When I find pants that fit, I try to buy more than one!

    (Love that touch of orange in the belt by the way. Fabulous.0

  14. I live in a rural area with only a Macy's and a Sears, neither of which carries many petite pants. I'm only 5ft 1 in. so I almost always buy my pants online. Chico's short length travel pants fit pretty well, just a bit long, so I've ordered some ankle pants from them to see if that length looks right on me. Lands End offers free hemming on some of their pants but I sometimes think their pants are a bit baggy. CWC knit jeans are great, JJill petite pants are too long. Happily, I can get away with wearing black yoga pants most days, so I buy the Active pants from Lands End since they are nicer than most of the other brands I've tried.

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