Diane Sawyer….Come On…What Is Your Secret… We Need To Know!

If I were a teenager, there would be a poster of Diane
Sawyer on my wall!
!  I would write her
fan letters!  She would be the picture on
my phone. You see, I have been a fan for a very long time.  She is chic. 
She is intelligent.  She is
gorgeous.  She holds the dream job I will
never hold.  And she is aging with style! 
I am pretty sure that if she and I were standing side by
side, she would be picked as the 59 year old and I would be picked as the 68
year old! She lacks the sags and wrinkles which are beginning to claim
permanent residence on my face.  So, I
beg of you Diane…please tell us your skin care regime!  You do not look Botoxed or pulled tight!  I know it could simply be good genes! (or TV Makeup)  But, women everywhere want to know…what is
your secret??? 

Speaking of JEANS, Diane is quite chic and always looks
effortless…minimal, gorgeous styling. 
She is one of those super stars for women of a certain age.  If you would like to see more, then please go
to Tish Jett’s What’s Age Got To Do With It? with PART II…you will be glad you stopped by!!

Since I am striving to look like Diane Sawyer, I need to
hide those pesky under eye dark circles!  Le Metier de beaute sent me their CLASSIC FLAWLESS FINISH CONCEALER and
I am impressed!  It feels like silk going
on and hides everything from lines to circles.
The best part is that it actually hides the lines and does
not settle in them as so many other concealers do. This is because they use
Nylon 12, a high performance ingredient that moves with the skin. I have had
difficulty finding concealers which either did not settle in the lines or
look chalky. This one has not given me either of those problems. With key
ingredients of vitamin A, E and Shea butter it appears to hydrate as much as
cover.    I really like the applicator
which is easy to use and allows the makeup to go on smoothly in a delicate area
without pulling.  Yes, I recommend it and if you want to give it a test just stop by a Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus.

Believe me, if I hear from Diane…I will let you
know…until then, 


Blue Cardigan – Marshalls
Black Sweater – Lane Bryant
Slim Leg Jeans – Coldwater Creek
Bobs Flats – Ross


  1. As a Louisvillian, I have adored Diane forever! Our Dads knew each other in the legal community back then. She just gets better and better, plus she just radiates intelligence. That always adds a lot.

  2. I love Diane too. Very classy lady. She and her hubby, Mike Nichols, must have a wonderfully interesting life. She has a personal trainer (read that years ago) that keeps her fit and trim. She was always a beautiful woman – still is. But, so are you, Pam! You look great (again) in your outfit.

    Another fab post,

  3. I agree – Diane looks wonderful, and has had some (well-done) surgical interventions. You look wonderful too – put your own poster on the wall : > Love to hear about a great concealer, thanks for the tip! xoxoxoxo

  4. She is lovely, isn't she? Good genes, good food, smiles and dignity keep a woman looking fantastic. Oh Pam, you look wonderful, ALWAYS! I need to see if my husband can get photos of me! teehehehehehhe….I am not sure I would come out so well!

    Thank you dear one for leaving YOUR trail of kind words with me today. HAPPY FRIDAY! Anita

  5. Diane looks good, that is true, but I've had a problem with her ever since hearing her ask a doctor, on national TV, just days after September 11, what happens to a body when it falls a hundred stories and hits the ground. This was referring to people who had jumped from the towers in NYC to escape the fire caused by the jet fuel. I kid you not. I couldn't believe it. The poor families of victims who had to hear that! It was one of the most insensitive (and insane) things I have ever heard uttered on television. I watch ABC World News but it's not for her, it's in spite of her. I wish they'd bring back Bob Woodruff.

  6. yes, i love diane sawyer. your picture at the top made me giggle. i think you both would be fantastic friends.

    also, i LOVE your new photos at the top of your blog. awesome.

  7. You are both gorgeous to me. I a fan of Rachel Maddow too- how chic and mod she looks as well as crazzzzzy brainy smart. Ha. Ha.

    I want a Pam Ludrell poster for my wall. Wouldn't you look GREAT next to Daniel Craig and all?

  8. But I did want to add, that while Diane looks wonderful, she does not look real to me. Pam, I think you are a much better poster woman for aging with style. And realistically.


  9. Diane looks absolutely stunning, and as a previous commenter has said, most likely some well-done surgical intervention. I'm only 41 and my jawline isn't that tight. It smacks of the work of Dr. Sherrell Aston. He's in NY and one of, if not THE best in the country. Just guessing….

  10. A classic American beauty, and now what my father would call "well-preserved" thanks to the best surgery. The neck lift is amazing.

    I find her perfection distancing; prefer women looser, with a little more mystery. Tons of women in upscale malls look like Sawyer; it's pretty but not interesting.

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