HuffPost Live, Purses, and Rita Moreno…oh my!

I love surprises…you probably would have guessed that!!  Recently, I walked into my favorite consignment shop, Garment Exchange, and saw this beautiful, brand new Coach bag sitting on a shelf.  I have never been one for logo bags, but I loved this light gold, spring bag!!  I had accumulated some sales, so I bought the bag after selling my old garments!!  This will be a great summer bag for me.  I tend to like the larger ones.

During the school year, my bags are often selected for functionality.  I have a couple with side pockets like this one above.  I use those pockets for my phone, car keys, and room keys and in there, they are easy to find.  When school’s out, I can select one for fun during the summer since my schedule is not as stressful.  Both of my functional bags were purchased over the past three years at Marshalls.  My purses are part of a blogger How I Wear My Handbag event hosted by Jill and Adrienne on Thursday!  Hop on over to see more bags!

Often, surprises happen in the mornings after I sit down with a hot cup of very strong coffee and open my email.  A couple of weeks ago, an intern with the Huffington Post asked if she could interview me to go into their pool of guests for HUFFPOST LIVE, continual streaming news conversations.  The interview went on for about an hour…then a few days later, they called and asked me to join in on a conversation about Spring Cleaning.  She had told me the topics discussed could be anything and, sure enough, they are.  Though I said very little, it was lots of fun and I look forward to joining them again. 


While waiting for my segment, Rita Moreno was interviewed about her new book…so I listened in!!  Among many things, she discussed her belief that elegance does not exist anymore.  She said our culture’s infatuation with youth is a bore and she considers many in the younger generations to be disrespectful.  She specifically referred to disrespect she believed was showed to seasoned actors and actresses at the Academy Awards!!

I am also currently on the Huffington Post with Generation Fabulous.  Our recent posts about “Aging Gracefully” were featured HERE!  Also, today is the Thursday link party at KATIE’S FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP!

Thursday Favorite Things

Now, I hope to surprise three of you with a beautiful new Foxcroft No-Iron Tunic in a variety of spring colors!!  Just click on the Pink Tunic in the sidebar and read how to enter!!

It is almost the weekend, everyone…go out and have a fun Thursday!!
What do you think about Rita’s comments…is elegance dead?


  1. Ah, love Rita! Now there's a star.

    I've seen her in a couple of recent tv interviews about her new memoir. She's certainly elegant. What style!

  2. How cool for you!
    I have to say that I would totally agree with Ms. Morena
    I remember being introduced to her as a child on the show Electric Company, she was on it with Morgan Freeman

  3. I don't think elegance is dead, just fewer and far between. I love elegance and I'm a blue jean gal, but I do know when to be elegant. I too, love large bags!

  4. Hi
    I am delurking to say how much I adore your blog, your style,and your sense of fashion. You seem to know the look I need and I am always inspired! Keep up your fantastic work!


  5. Oh you scored with that Coach bag Pam, it is lovely! As for Rita Moreno, hmm, I don't think I agree with her, and I think most people won't, about elegance being dead. Maybe it just needs to come out a little more, in everyone? As for people disrespecting older actors at the Oscars, I would LOVE to know if she is referring to something specific. I saw the interview that Jennifer Lawrence was giving when Jack Nicholson walked by and she about fell out of her chair when he complimented her. Then of course Jack being Jack he started to hit on her (hilarious!) but I felt like she had the utmost respect for a 3-time Oscar winner! Thanks for joining us for the handbag post. You are the best! XO, Jill

  6. Love the bag Pam – A friend of mine and I were at a conference in upper WI for a few days last spring…. Since we are both avid thrift store shoppers we honed in for the St. Vincent de Paul's store when we drove by….. The bag popped out and I swear it was calling my name – Toni, Toni, Toni…… I walked over to it and found a large Coach bag with pink trim – the handles and trim down the sides were a bright pink…… I almost flipped, loving large Coach bags and pink also….. So, of course it was going home with me! Then I looked for the price tag – $2.00!!!!!! I had to be revived, almost anyway! I hung onto that bag for dear life till it came time to check out….. Feeling guilty that it was priced so low, I even offered to pay more for it since it was certainly worth more……even if it was a knockoff – She looked stunned, but refused to take more than the $2.00 – Once I got back to our hotel, we immediately went online to verify the authenticy of the bag, and sure enough, it was a REAL Coach that I had scored for pennies…… Needless to say, it is my favorite bag…… Enjoy yours! Have a great day!

  7. Your blog/business is really taking off, Pam, and I could not be more thrilled for you.
    What a wonderful find. Thank you for joining me and Jill for HIWM. Look forward to seeing what you'll have for us in May. It's Metallics!

  8. So much news and so much fun… And no, elegance will never be dead though it will go through transformations, like everything else.

    We may not know how to define it exactly, but we certainly know how to recognize it.

  9. Wow, huff post, well done!!!!!I'm smiling big right now. Thank you for sharing the hop with your readers too. Okay off to check out the tunic ( you know I love them!) Thank you for sharing at the hop, your participation makes the hop extra special. Big Hugs P.S. the new giveaway posted today!

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