I plopped down at the desk of Mrs. Joy…exasperated….
Me:  I need a little
white dress and can’t find one anywhere!! ( OK, I admit it was exaggeration…
though I had shopped five stores)
Commentary:  I needed
that sweet spot where affordable….great fit…and age appropriate intersect
Mrs. Joy:  Have you
tried Dress Barn? (Probably thinking, DUH…you know the place which specializes
in dresses!!)
Me: Oh my goodness, NO…I honestly forgot about it!
She smiled….

Well, thank you Mrs. Joy!! 
I am so glad she thought about it and I took her advice.  I needed the perfect little white dress for a
special occasion (will explain later) and Dress Barn came through.  I am in love with this delicate knit white lace faux wrap dress.  I think I lost 20 pounds
just from the design of the dress!!  I
realize I told you that I am not a fan of lace…but I am a fan of feeling FIERCE
and I feel FIERCE in this dress!  I can do so much with this one LWD and now realize how important it is to my wardrobe!
 I was inspired last
week by Tamera Beardsley’s Spring Neutrals.  So,
I reached for my Chico’s jacket, tortoise-shell bracelet, and necklace (at least I made this
necklace from combining two necklaces and one is a Chico’s necklace) and they
provided the look I could see in my mind. 
The crowning touch??   Well, when I was about to walk out of Dress
Barn, my eye fell on these Jones Studio Sling-Back Wedges and hearts literally danced
around them while a harp played!!  I
found this Kenneth Cole bag in neutral stripes at Stein Mart….love it so much!!  I feel ready for any special occasion spring
and summer may bring my way.
You can tell how much I love this look…I could not stop
shooting pictures…it was so much fun!! 
For those of you who would like to give Dress Barn a try,
they are hosting a friends and family event this Thursday through Sunday for
30% off your entire purchase.  Just tell
them you are my friend or family (I consider us a family really) and that I
sent you over!!  It is not where I usually shop, but it proved to be important in my search.  I know I will go back!!  At the end of this week,
San Antonio’s Famous Fiesta 2013 begins…I hope to share some special segments with
you.  Till then, make sure you visit the
other bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE……

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Have a fabulous day!!

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