LWD: Little White Dress…A Wardrobe Must Have!

I plopped down at the desk of Mrs. Joy…exasperated….
Me:  I need a little
white dress and can’t find one anywhere!! ( OK, I admit it was exaggeration…
though I had shopped five stores)
Commentary:  I needed
that sweet spot where affordable….great fit…and age appropriate intersect
Mrs. Joy:  Have you
tried Dress Barn? (Probably thinking, DUH…you know the place which specializes
in dresses!!)
Me: Oh my goodness, NO…I honestly forgot about it!
She smiled….

Well, thank you Mrs. Joy!! 
I am so glad she thought about it and I took her advice.  I needed the perfect little white dress for a
special occasion (will explain later) and Dress Barn came through.  I am in love with this delicate knit white lace faux wrap dress.  I think I lost 20 pounds
just from the design of the dress!!  I
realize I told you that I am not a fan of lace…but I am a fan of feeling FIERCE
and I feel FIERCE in this dress!  I can do so much with this one LWD and now realize how important it is to my wardrobe!
 I was inspired last
week by Tamera Beardsley’s Spring Neutrals.  So,
I reached for my Chico’s jacket, tortoise-shell bracelet, and necklace (at least I made this
necklace from combining two necklaces and one is a Chico’s necklace) and they
provided the look I could see in my mind. 
The crowning touch??   Well, when I was about to walk out of Dress
Barn, my eye fell on these Jones Studio Sling-Back Wedges and hearts literally danced
around them while a harp played!!  I
found this Kenneth Cole bag in neutral stripes at Stein Mart….love it so much!!  I feel ready for any special occasion spring
and summer may bring my way.
You can tell how much I love this look…I could not stop
shooting pictures…it was so much fun!! 
For those of you who would like to give Dress Barn a try,
they are hosting a friends and family event this Thursday through Sunday for
30% off your entire purchase.  Just tell
them you are my friend or family (I consider us a family really) and that I
sent you over!!  It is not where I usually shop, but it proved to be important in my search.  I know I will go back!!  At the end of this week,
San Antonio’s Famous Fiesta 2013 begins…I hope to share some special segments with
you.  Till then, make sure you visit the
other bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY and MONDAY MINGLE……

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Have a fabulous day!!


  1. This is your best outfit yet! You look at MOST 40-something! Maybe it's solid colors that work best on you. I have he same sweater, now just need the little white dress. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I love Dressbarn. They have lovely dresses and separates. I recently purchased several really pretty tops there. People get the wrong idea about it. It is a greatplace to shop! You look fab in your spring neutrals. The dress will look great with do many different pieces.

  3. I can tell how much you love this dress! You shine and the dress does make you look great 🙂 – I haven't been to Dress Barn in ages….may need to go!

  4. Yeah, for the little white dress! I have a Dress Barn five minutes down the road and have never been… might be time for a visit! I lucked into my dreamed about white dress by accident today while grocery shopping at BJ's of all places! Will showcase it in about 3 weeks for my daughter's college graduation!!!

  5. Love, love the dress! It looks so pretty with the jacket and accessories. I could see it with a simple denim jacket and flats too (for a more casual look). Great purchase!

    <3 Nancy StyleDecor

  6. Love this outfit and shoes. You look terrific and can tell you feel good in this outfit. You are positively glowing. Great choices.

  7. How lovely you look, and those shoes go perfect with the whole outfit,or as the French say 'ensemble' It will be a dress for any occassion, fab with beach sandals and a bright scarf tied badeau style. fabulous LWD. I think Iill be on the lookout for something similar, as I'm fed up with wearing trousers.

  8. My dear Pam, dresses and skirts love you, even if you feel more confortable in pants.This little white dress is soooooooooooooo perfect on you, ahhhhhhhhh

  9. I must agree with everyone else – you look absolutely beautiful! Love the outfit on you and the way you accessorize it. You definitely glow! And thank you for directing my attention to the Dress Barn. They do have lovely dresses at reasonable prices.

  10. You look stunning. I'd love to see a shot of the dress sans cardi. Pam, you get more beautiful with every post. I'm so glad you blog and share your secrets for enjoying life and going on style adventures!

    I got an exciting request for a li'l white dress photo last week. Heh. I don't own one, and couldn't convince myself that I needed one. I'm so OCD but messy, I'd drive myself nuts if anything got on my white dress or jeans, so not happenin'…lol.

  11. Very nice look! You look so put together and I LOVE the LWD. I, too would love to see the dress by itself – just to see the whole style. Hugs to you!

  12. I know others have said this, but seriously, this is one of the best looks/outifts you have ever posted. You look absolutely stunning and yes, fierce to say the least. Well done, beautiful lady!

  13. It's an absolutely fabulous outfit and you look stunning in it! Some weeks ago you posted a picture of you as a young woman. In this look I see this young woman again, sparkling eyes and full of ideas. A dress that makes you feel so is a great find.

  14. Dress Barn used to be synonymous with Frump City…apparently not anymore! The dress looks fresh and flattering and the neutral accessories let it really shine 😉

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  15. I am with you on the age appropriate LWD, they are hard to find
    You did a great job of finding though
    Looks lovely and I know you will get a ton of wear out of it

  16. Love it, love it, love it! You have just issued a challenge for the rest of us – rock a white dress with neutrals. I can tell by the look on your face and your body language that you just feel great in this outfit. Well done!

  17. You look lovely! I love this look on you, it's young, chic and trendy and yes you look slim et ready to conquer the world!

    Don't worry about me, i want to think i will be fine, the resultls said disogarnized cells, whatever it means, i talk to my yoga mates, one of them is a nurse, she said i should be fine and if i had any worries or questions to call her –

    Ariane xxxx

  18. You GORGEOUS creature you! This is the first time I have really noticed your legs- do show them more often. LOVE the look, adore the confidence. This is you at your finest. <3

  19. Oh Em Gee, the white lacy dress is so fab on you! I always *forget* about Dress Barn here ~ it isn't a big presence in my area but there's actually one a suburb over ~ I generally check into Ross instead…

  20. OH EM GEE! I love the white lacy dress on you. I usually forget about Dress Barn ~ it isn't a big presence in this area (Chicago suburbs) but there actually is one not far off…however, I generally check into Ross!

  21. You look FIERCE! I love how chic you look and yet comfy. And the fact that you pushed a boundary (don't like lace but try it anyway) is sometimes the best thing for someone to discover the next great outfit. Dress Barn pulled through. Nice find.

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