Preparing To Wear White…Just A Tease

Hi, everyone!!  Later today, I am going to show you a new white outfit and I am really excited to debut it for Visible Monday.  Until then, here is how I prepared for my first white outfit for warmer weather!
Last year, I was totally won over by ULTA’S BRONZE SELF TANNER!  It is very subtle (no orange legs or streaks) and it is affordable.  In fact, when I popped over to get the link, I noticed there is a buy one get one 50% off special right now.  I really like it…a lot and it took care of my pasty winter white legs!!

My second beauty secret for my white look is Physicians Formula Bronzer with SPF 20!  I use it on my face, just underneath my chin from ear to ear, and as eye shadow for a warm weather fun look.

Now I hope you will join me later this afternoon to see what I did all of this for….my white look!!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!!


  1. I am really looking forward to your white outfit, Pam!

    A gradual self tanner is also part of my spring routine. Today I was able to spend the afternoon on my sun lounger on my terrace for the first time – of course I used sun protection – and it was wonderful… and hopefully soon no more pale legs 😉

    Lady of Style

  2. I've found that self-tanners don't carry over from season to season. If they sit opened over the winter they separate and make a huge mess when you try and dispense them. I toss whatever was leftover and start over each Spring. It helps to get into shorts/summer skirts, even bathing suits if your legs are a little tan. They look more like summer and get you into the mood.

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