It’s raining this Saturday morning…I absolutely love sitting here in the dark, watching the lightening and listening to thunder.  Such a great way to awake on my first morning of summer.
Last summer, there was hardly a drop…we have been in a drought for along time.  One of the area lakes is practically waking to these sounds is glorious!

I wanted to share with you this beautiful necklace/scarf Gigi is modeling!  This would be so easy to make…with the right piece of jewelry and the right scarf!!  She loves the bohemian style, but this could be done for any style.  I just thought it might get your creative juices flowing as you begin your day!!

Don’t forget to thank anyone you meet in the military this weekend and honor the real intention of the Memorial Day holiday.  We have so much to be grateful for with our military men and women…and so often take them for granted.

Have a fabulous Saturday, everyone!  

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