For eight hours yesterday….it rained…and it rained…and it rained…and it rained.  

It rained so much, San Antonio was on the national news.  A huge portion of town was under water…homes destroyed…cars floated away…and three lives lost.

We really needed it after a long season of drought.  It is just sad that it all came at once. 

 On a brighter note though, I had planned to ask you about “clearance racks!”

I picked up this colorful print top last year in Target on clearance for $8!!  I like it and it is a perfect light weight for our warm summers.  I never let a clearance rack go unnoticed!  I often find a treasure or two from clearance.

Mr. B is the opposite.  He says that everything on a clearance rack is there for a reason…the fact that it is on clearance tells you that it was not wanted…by anyone. So, he runs from clearance racks…while I run toward them.

So, which are you?  A Mr. B clearance hater…or a Pam clearance lover?? 

Have a wonderful holiday and please remember to honor our troops on this Memorial Day!

I am linking up today with the wonderful ladies of MONDAY MINGLE!!

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