Metallics! How I Wear Them!

Before I get to metallics, is this illustration not amazing?!?!?!  It was done by the incredible talent, ANNE BRAY OF SPYGIRL for her digital catwalk!  I cannot tell you how much it pleases me!  What an honor to be on her runway with other fabulous bloggers!!  I first met Anne about two years ago at the Texas Style Council Blogging Conference in Austin. She is a California girl…with a Texas sized smile…and a gifted hand.  Thanks so much Anne!  Now, back to…

I am joining JILL and ADRIENNE on Wednesday with their How We Wear Our Metallics challenge.  

I like a softer touch… like I find with this gold silk pencil skirt from TALBOT’S.  I bought it last year during their season-end clearance sale.  I particularly like to wear it with this Michael Kors, dolman sleeve sweater I found at Ross a couple of years ago.  This was my outfit for our Journalism Banquet this past weekend where I celebrate the accomplishments of my print and broadcast teams.

I also like the subtle touch of gold in the Calvin Klein topper below, I purchased almost three years ago at Marshalls….however, the gold bling underneath is a way to add a bolder look!  Find the other gorgeous metallic models HERE!! and HERE!!

  Wednesday is my baby’s 21st Birthday!  I hope my son and the rest of you have an incredible May 1!

Here he is with his Papa…..two handsome men!!


  1. OMG!! I am in love with this drawing
    Headed over to her site right now to check it out
    You are looking pretty fab in all of these pics
    I love metallics and am especially loving the trend in shoes right now

  2. A bit of warm metallic gives a nice lift to the day. I bought a pair of gold sneakers in Paris and a sweater with a bit of a gold thread running through it. You pencil skirt is très chic. Hope you enjoy a special birthday with your special men.

  3. You are radiant, Pam! I love that gold pencil skirt and I'm inspired to look for a similar one. Yes, your men are very handsome, indeed, no surprise there!

  4. Hi Pam!

    The drawing is so, so cool!
    You are pretty cute in your outfit and love you in the close up pic
    Yes your son and hubby are handsome, wow lucky girl you are

    I'm having a Apple Giveaway!

    Love and hugs

    Ariane xxx

  5. Hi Pam,

    I am a Californian living in the UK and I love reading your blog! Like you, I have tried too many diets to count and had about givine up but last summer the BBC showed a documenatry on the health venefits of intermiitent fasting. Dr. Michael Mosley who did the documentary has now published a book called The Fast Diet documenting all the benefits of this way of eating (it is NOT a diet). It has changed my life! I cannot urge you strongly enough that you and your readers google this and see how this way of eating must be the way forward.

  6. I LOVE that illustration of you, it's perfect! Thank you so much for joining us for the Metallics post. That skirt is so great, I love the color. Happy Birthday to your son, yowza, he is a fox! XO, Jill

  7. What a beautiful drawing and picture. Happy birthday to your "baby". Today is my granddaughter's first birthday and she already is a little fashionista. Having had three boys, a little girl in the family is great fun. Love your blog and you look lovely.

  8. Loved this. Love the metallic. You are right – your men are SO handsome~

    P.S. A little jealous you have an entire team! Actually I'm really very impressed. Well deserved, Pam.

  9. Hi – I just found your blog recently. You do look great – such a difference when you decided to "get back in the game" with a makeover. I felt the same way when I turned 50 (shortly after my first husband died). Now I'm turning 61 and, although people tell me I still look younger than my age, I'm not happy about the number. And – do you think keeping your hair a bit longer helps? Love your blog. I'm Karen at

  10. You look terrific! So glad you shared the photo of your handsome men! After all, you know the saying…"Behind every successful woman…"(hee-hee.

    Happy B'day to your baby! 🙂

  11. I am a May baby myself! Handsome men is an understatement–I'm sure in no part due to your great care and nurturing. Was something different with your hair in the last picture or was the lighting just different because you always look fabulous but that was a great picture–love the blingy top and all of your accessories. Thanks for the inspiration!

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