Reinvention After 50: The Doll Maker

“People tell me the dolls make them feel happy, and they make them smile or feel good after a bad day.” – Carold Linda Lewis

Like most little girls, she fell in love with dolls at age 5…but her dolls were not from a store, but made alongside her grandmother.  Carold Linda Lewis continued her passion for making dolls throughout most of her life as a hobby.  Yet, at age 58, convinced her unique way of fashioning dolls was a success she took her passion to full time work.

That was in 2003.  Now at age 68, she can be found at most of the local craft fairs selling her dolls which represent everything from Elvis Presley to those made as personal gifts.  Individuals will send her pictures of a friend or co-worker to design a custom made doll as a special gift.   She is a gifted creator.  

“There’s a wide range of dolls people ask me for,” Lewis told the San Antonio Express News in 2010. “Sometimes they lose a loved one and want to remember them that way.  Or sometimes it’s a celebrity or political person; sometimes it’s their grandmother, sometimes it’s their boss.  What you see in every- day life, that’s what people ask for.”

Her best- selling size is 18 inches, but she can make tiny as ten inches and as large as an actual person!  Age does not stop her from working six days a week to create this wonderland of dolls.  

Carold lights up when you approach her table and joyfully begins to introduce customers to the current family.   She is living her dream job …right now…and is one of the great after 50 reinvention stories!

Unique Cloth Dolls

Designed by Carold Linda Lewis
Cell:  210-867-4050

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  1. The dolls belong in the hall of fame they're so cute. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too soon.

  2. Not only does your post inspire me, but also gives me a great idea for some future gifts. Imagine how delighted the doll collectors on my Christmas list would be to get one of her unique creations!! Thanks!

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