Chicago Faces…Chicago Style!!

We left Chicago with more sites to see…more food to eat…more music to hear…and more people to meet…

But, you always want to leave wanting more…

Chicago is a stylish, friendly, gorgeous city…and has inspired me for many posts to come…

You will see more off and on throughout the summer…

Thanks, Chicago…I had a wonderful time!!

Happy Saturday, everyone!!


  1. Oh, Pam, so jealous. Two of my favorite people (and bloggers) in one of my favorite cities (and not only because my daughter lives there) and here I was so very, very far away.

    Love your pictures.


  2. Hi Pam – I'm heading to Chicago next weekend, first visit. What should I wear? I'm a SoCal suburban work-from-home gal. I've got the flats, scarves, tee-shirts. Could I wear jeans and bring a long, black linen skirt for more dressier activities or do I need nicer pants? I can probably even wear the skirt for sightseeing too. Help. PS I read you everyday. Love your attitude!

    1. Hi Bobbi…I recommend layers for sure! One day I was freezing and wishing for a coat…and another day, I peeled off one layer in a dressing room because I was warm. I am so glad I took flats (sad, I left the walking shoes at home), an umbrella, and scarves!! Chicago women love fashion, style, and neutrals…but I did not see anyone overdressed in the nicer places. I think your long skirt and denim will work for just about anything. Have fun…wish I could return with you. We loved the Chicago Art Institute, the architectural boat tours, the sidewalk cafes, GT Fish & Oyster, and the parks!! Not to mention the amazing shopping! I better stop now….

  3. Hey Pam was really interested in these Chicago posts as i too will be in Chicago in about 3 weeks, but we're coming from the winters of the southern hemisphere… will it be warmer by then, or are Chicago summers not that hot temperature wise.
    jane b in NZ

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time in Chicago. I really do need to venture to the Windy City this summer and get reacquainted with it. It has been far too long! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. I can only imagine you had an incredible time. Chicago is a fantastic city. (It's been too long since my last visit.) And it's energizing to get out of town! (Something I had forgotten until very recently.)

    Looking forward to your posts on your time there!

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