Eileen Fisher…Top of My Shopping List!!

I went to Chicago with a shopping list in mind!  After months of saving a little from each paycheck and a couple of nice gift cards in my possession, I knew exactly where I wanted to start!  San Antonio does not currently have an Eileen Fisher store. For three years, some of my favorite bloggers have written about EILEEN FISHER and I knew this was where to begin.

So, I took the escalator up in the gorgeous WATER TOWER PLACE only to be surprised with an actual meeting of all EF Chicago managers,  sales associates, and two of the cutest learning partners just off graduation from Notre Dame.  A powerhouse meeting just for me…or well it seemed…just for me!

(L-R) Jollie Bennett, Kim Parker, Kim Austad, Dorothea Korn, Elise O’Malley, Myriha Burce

What a fun group of ladies!  They were ready to roll out the red carpet and introduce me to EF in a big way…we discussed wardrobe building, sizing, fabrics, and company history.  Kim Austad, store leader for the Highland Park location,  was a fit queen and knew exactly how to direct me.  It was a great time for many reasons!

I loved this jacket above and hope to take one home in the future, but I did take home five other pieces including my favorite.. the tunic pictured here…

This is a look I will use for many different occasions!
I hope they open a store in San Antonio someday.  But for now, I am familiar with the sizing and fit so I can order online or other places.  EF gives me easy neutrals in a style I have desired.  One thing is for sure, I am a new Eileen Fisher fan and will be wearing my new clothes often!  Thanks to the Chicago team for all of the assistance and smiles!!
I hope everyone has a joyful Monday, and takes time to visit the bloggers of VISIBLE MONDAY – NUMBER 100!!

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  1. I love all your buys especially the tunic with the detailing by the shoulder! Your style is mine as well but I have never bought EF either ~ out of my price point.

  2. I bought my first few EF items when we still lived near Houston (oh, the shopping). Now that I reside in North Central Arkansas (oh, the shopping), I rely on online purchases almost exclusively. I tend to wear my clothes for a long time, and rarely buy any of her trendier clothes, so I feel I get my money's worth. In fact, some of my linen knits are going strong still five years later. Your trip to Chicago sounds wonderful, and the photos of the food were droolworthy.

  3. That tunic is a fabulous choice! I'm so glad you were able to visit the store and try some things on. It really does make all the difference.

  4. How fun to visit a store of a designer you admire. Looks like you purchased some beautiful items that are timeless. Love that you saved up a stash and went for great quality pieces!

    blue hue wonderland

  5. I've had soe of my EF clotes for years. They were an excellent investment. Now I sometimes get them on sale. They are easy living and traveling clothes.

  6. I found EF in Sanibel Island Florida while on vacation. We usually visit on Labor Day weekend. The sales are fabulous and the finds are awesome. I still have all the pieces that I've had the luck to find. The tunic is dazzling on you and I love the way you've paired it with the leggings and jewelry. I'm a follower via Bloglovin' and found you via Visible Monday.

    Barbara @ http://www.allmylivesnow.com

  7. I love the way the Eileen Fisher clothes look on her models; on me, not so much. I'm not tall enough, thin enough, flat-chested enough.

    1. Well, I would encourage you to try on several of her garments. I am not that tall…definitely not skinny…and not close to flat chested. That is why I am glad I visited the store, so I could try on a lot of different styles!! Thanks for commenting!

  8. I was not familiar with this store. So great you got to visit and can feel comfortable to order online if you wish. I never order clothing or shoes online because I have difficulties with fit.
    Very pretty tunic that does look to be a versatile piece.

  9. I'm not tall, skinny or flat chested either–but I do have some great EF items that I think are flattering on me. It does bother me that most of the models on the website are NOT the size/shape of many EF customers.

    I especially like the viscose jersey pieces–I have several dresses that are real workhorses in my wardrobe.

  10. I like some EF items, but to be honest it's out of my price range. Everyone makes choices with their resources and spending that much on one item just isn't how I operate. I enjoy seeing the collection and have found that similar styles pop up at price points within my budget. I recently came across a linen jacket with a metallic thread at Macy's that looks very much like something I saw earlier this season. If you look for it, you will find it.

  11. They started to do EF in the UK a couple of years ago. They stock it in my favourite store in London. I find the sizing a bit confusing however they have a very good sales assistant there who helps me. it is a bit pricey over here however I did indulge in a lovely white pr of linen trousers this season. The fabric and fit are fab.

  12. I am also like you, Pam. Once a year me and husband would travel to the US and this is when I would be armed with list of things to buy, things that I've been eyeing on and not available or too expensive here. Anything from clothes to SPF lotion to skincare! I am saving for my October trip and the list is growing, yikes!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  13. Pam, you are radiant in your new Eileen Fisher tunic. How special it was to have a team available to help with fit. Looks to me like your time in Chicago was fun and entertaining. Thanks for bringing the flair of the Windy City our way.

  14. Yes, the tunic is exceptionally nice. You look great – love the leggings too. Great outfit! And I must get off my fanny and adapt a seashell to one of my necklaces – that is a wonderful look! Glad Chicago was so fun and that you got to share it with your husband as well.

  15. I always like the idea of Eileen Fisher, and then I balk at the full prices. I will, however, try on everything when it's on sale! But then, I'm an avid bargain hunter. You look great in your new tunic!

  16. Hi Pam! I came over from Janice's blog and enjoyed reading of your trip to our city! You look great, really love your EF tunic. Did anyone mention to you the EF outlet? It's not in the city (out in the burbs near me!) but worth a trip if your an EF fan! Maybe next time???

  17. Love EF and have a best friend who lives in that brand! I've stayed away because of the price but I'm thinking that I need to add a few classic pieces into my wardrobe. I have a couple of EF scarves that are favorites – one for summer; one for winter. You picked up some marvelous items!
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  18. I love Chicago and before Macy's purchased Marshall Field's that was my favorite place to shop when in Chicago. The architecture along with all the styles the store carried made a day of shopping fun. Enjoy your time in The Second City.

  19. Funny, I have never really worn Eileen Fischer before, but I have been contemplating it after hearing fellow bloggers rave about it for so long. Then last week when I was home in the US visiting, my Mom found this AMAZING Eileen Fascher unstructured draped blazer made from this lovely thick jersey in one of the local thrift stores. Fit her like a dream. Now I'm sold. Can't wait to go back in August. I will be making a stop to Eileen Fischer at Nordstrom.

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