Chicago Street Style!

For my first day in Chicago…I literally shopped til I dropped!  

I also positioned myself in the wonderful sidewalk cafes to bring you some Chicago street style!

Neutrals were the number one go to looks…lots of skinny jeans, leggings, and dresses. A few pops of color…and a few printed pants.  The number one accessory is hands down SCARVES!

Maybe I will be sitting here tomorrow!!

On Thursday, I have another great giveaway to bring you and make sure you are entered to win the fabulous dress in the top of the sidebar!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone…now back out for more Chicago!!
I know he is amazed she is wearing the flip flops with her trench…but I bet there are some fabulous heels in the bag!!

Seriously, I have got to go!!


  1. Thanks for bringing the streets of Chicago to us! Has it been windy? On my last visit the Sears Tower was closed due to high winds.

  2. Chicago was hot hot hot last year. This year it has been like a month and a half off from the time of year it should be. We didn't get snow until the middle of February and now it is almost like it is the middle of April instead of the beginning of June. I remember a June when it was cold through the month.

    We have gotten a lot of water this year too in the form of rain. But last year it was too dry –a drought.

  3. Okay, I seriously can't believe people needed to still be wearing coats and scarves.
    I hope you packed correctly.
    Shopping in Chicago is so much fun!
    Hope tomorrow is just as great as today

  4. Oh, enjoy Chicago! We'll be there next week, and I hope it's a tad warmer by then. Don't you love all the plantings along Michigan Avenue? So pretty! Looks like you're enjoying the people-watching!

  5. The lady riding the bicycle with the bright orange scarf looks awesome! Definitely a pop of color and NICE, considering so many people were in black. I love black, but they need color with it somewhere… a hat? a scarf?

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