Dresses….and How Will You Get This Blog??

Happy weekend, everyone!!

Hope your weekend has not been too hot…it was 108 here today!  One of my favorite months starts Monday…July!!  My daughter was born in July…I was born in July… I don’t have to teach in July and of course, the best sales are in July!!!

Some of you might remember my wonderful white dress I purchased in the spring from DRESS BARN!  Well, I wanted to share this VIDEO from their stylist about some of the other great dresses they carry…so enjoy!

The flattering style of this SHEATH DRESS is beautiful…the way they placed the zippers. Several styles are this flattering…and for only around $40-$80!!

I will be back Sunday afternoon with more information about my first week with my personal trainer!!  What I learned and did.  

But, this is the week that Google Reader is suppose to disappear and I honestly am not sure what to expect…but please make sure that YOU are following me either through Bloglovin’ or email or Google +…both can be found in the sidebar!! (I also post on Facebook and tweet the posts) Don’t wait…make sure you can continue to join us!  You guys are the best!

Update:  Obviously with the comments below, there are still many other ways to get your favorite blogs. Thanks for keeping us informed everyone!!

Paintings are by Georgia O’Keeffe hanging in the Chicago Art Institute


  1. That is a beautiful outfit on you! Something about it makes YOU shine, not the well-styled clothing. And that's as it should be 🙂

    I love Feedly, by the way. Have it on my laptop and phone. Wouldn't miss a post!


  2. I agree July is a good month. I was born in July, My daughter was born in July, Her son was born in July (they share a birthday) and there is another one on the way any minute.

  3. i'm trying "the old reader" and feedly and digg reader. so far i like "the old reader" best (theoldreader.com). i can't sign up for bloglovin' because they want me to give them my real full name. what's with that?

  4. I think we will still have Google Friend Connect – at least for a while! But I do follow you via Bloglovin and Facebook, of course : > Love your little white dress.

  5. Pam–I'll keep following you on Bloglovin'. Love, love that outfit. Beige and white are one of my favorite color combos this summer. And that striped tote–fab!! Keep cool!

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