Saturday was brutal (108 degrees!)…but Sunday brought cooler summer showers.  I know so often in my life, just as things seem unbearable, there is always refreshment and cooler breezes blowing around the corner.

For what seems like a billion different times, I am beginning yet again to attempt weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.  I always throw it to the bottom of the priority list when life gets busy.  But this time, I have entered the alien world!  Firm bodies, tiny waists, rippled chests…they all seem to be watching me from their long line of treadmills as I attempt to do squats.  Humbling…there has to be a stronger word, it just doesn’t seem to fit the feeling sticking your big behind out in front of all the gorgeous ones. The trainer, let’s call him BZ, is very patient and assures me that the beautiful bodies don’t care about what I am doing.  I am convinced I am a great source of entertainment and will end up on Vine, FB, or Instagram any day now.  The chances of a former or current student lurking in the shadows is always a possibility.

Nevertheless, I  have completed one week.  One week of barely being able to lift my arms or sit in a chair without extreme pain.  I have accomplished:

1. Daily calorie intake of 1200 per day charted on  This has brought home the obvious fact that my portion sizes have been WAY too big.
2. Daily cardio, 30-45 minutes per day
3. Twice a week weight training.

One week!  It’s a start.  We will see if I can go farther this time!

Today’s outfit, is something I might wear at home, shopping, running errands.  I will be working at home for the next five weeks and I like to get myself pulled together, because you just never know what the day will bring!!

 White Cardigan: EILEEN FISHER
Genius Fit Pants: LANE BRYANT
Black Travelers Tank: CHICOS
Silver Necklace: CHICOS JEWELRY
Rampage Silver Flats:  ROSS
There are some fun posts scheduled for this week…you will find a historic tour of Texas buried within; an amazing pair of shoes; Independence Day celebrations and so much more.  Hope you can come along!  Til then…please join in all of the bloggers from VISIBLE MONDAY!!  and MONDAY MINGLE!!
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