At 59 years of age, Cyndee Conrad is living her dream. “When I am designing jewelry, I feel like I am doing what I was created to do,” she told me recently.  Becoming a new grandmother however, added a whole new dimension to her vision.  Looking into the eyes of her granddaughter, a desire to create keepsake jewelry was born in 2012.  Cyndee keeps her original picture of her grandmother and her aunts next to a current picture with her daughter and granddaughter. It is a constant reminder of where her talent originates and where she desires for it to go.
The older photo created a nostalgia within Cyndee.  “Being the only girl on my mother’s side of the family, I was given my dear relatives’ jewelry…not anything of great value, but extremely meaningful to me because of the relationships I had with these women.” she said. 
Through JUVY JEWELS , Cyndee creates custom designs with top quality materials like semi-precious gemstones and freshwater pearls, however at affordable prices.  She also desires to encourage women over 50.  “If you have neglected your passions,” she told me, “it is time to pick them up!  Don’t let anyone stop you.  Do what you were created to do.”  She says she loves this time because she can finally be herself.
Cyndee would like to give one of you this beautiful necklace she designed.  It is 21 inches made of aquamarine and sterling silver beads with a clasp!  All you have to do is
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2. Visit Juvy Jewels on Etsy, HERE
3. Tell us in the comments which piece is your favorite!!  Make sure I have your email.
A winner will be selected next Thursday, June 20!  
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