What’s Happening On the Streets…Plus A Winner!!

I quickly learned on the streets of Chicago that a true Chicago-shopper refused to acknowledge Macy’s now resides in the original Marshall Field’s building.

In fact, one of our lovely readers even commented to this recently:
Christine said, “I love Chicago and before Macy’s purchased Marshall Field’s that was my favorite place to shop when in Chicago.  The architecture along with all styles the store carried made a fun shopping day.”  Well, you are not alone, Christine.  Even our tour guide on the architecture boat tour said he refused to enter the building since Macy’s took over.  They seem to still have a deep PR problem with the true Chicago shopper.  I wonder who the American icon really is??

I literally stalked this woman below…chasing her down Michigan Ave.  If you look closely at her attire, it is exactly what I described in this post, HERE.  She is wearing the leaf on top and the granite leggings on the bottom.  WOW…great minds think alike…I still think it would look good in a tunic top!

On the streets of San Antonio, everyone is talking about the ELAINE TURNER SHOE SALE, which starts Thursday!!

Many asked where my new shoes came from…this is the place!!

Finally, it is time to pick a winner of the fabulous Moon River Dress from SHABBY APPLE!!  This was by far one of my most successful giveaways…it is one hot dress!  Congratulations goes to
Please send me a picture of you wearing this incredible dress…so we all can be jealous!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone, stop by tomorrow to meet an inspiring woman and enter another great giveaway!


  1. I am so blown away that i actually won something like this!! Thank you, Pam! I can't wait to see the dress and I'll be sure to send you a photo of me in it!

  2. I loved Marshall Field, too, but the store is still a fun place to shop. Love the atrium with all the escalators! And after taking my nine year old granddaughter back-to-school shopping last year, it was fun to see her amazement when we visited the candy department. I'm heading to the Windy City tomorrow — can't wait!

  3. Interestingly, Macy's took over the long-time Hudon's store where I live and it too has never been the same. Although Macy's has been having a number of really great sales, I always have to make an effort to stop in … it is never first on my list. I never really thought before about the challenges of being the new kid on the block when you are replacing a beloved institution.

  4. I loved the post, the shoes, the 50% off – but I'm so disappointed I didn't win the dress! I really wanted it. But I am thrilled for Barbara – congrats!

  5. Native Chicagoan here, loving your posts, Pam! And read your blog everyday, it's inspirational and motivating!

    Yes, it was a huge mistake to take over Field's and call it Macy's. I rarely shop there, and still call it Field's and so does everyone else I know. Like so many other national department stores, corporate buyers handle all the stock and the merchandise mix often doesn't match local tastes. It all ends up a blur of sameness from one store to the next. Sad!


  6. Love your Chicago posts..Here is another Marshall Fields customer who will absolutely not shop in Macy's…

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