Well, it is finally here…nothing I could do to stop it…I am officially 60 years old!
It doesn’t seem that long ago that I had a stereotype of a sixty year old woman in my head and an even more false idea of how that woman feels at 60.  I don’t look or feel like I thought I would!
Yes, yes…I am still fighting the battle of the bulge…borderline osteoporosis…and my POISE accessory goes with me everywhere…I will need to work until I drop… underneath this caramel color is solid gray…but all in all, life is good! 
The question I have been asked the most this summer is, “Will you change the name of your blog??”  Absolutely not!  Technically, I am still over 50.  But, really, when I began this blog three years ago as of July 1, it was about attitude more than anything else.  I still feel younger than that number….I am confident…I am strong…I am joyful….and I feel better about me than really ever before…over50feeling40 represents that attitude.  Because of all of this, I face difficult circumstances with a healthier mindset…because those circumstances do come.  I desire to live life to its fullest each and every day, taking one day at a time….living with strength and dignity.
I looked for a great quote about turning 60, but my favorite actually came in a comment from my dear friend and fellow blogger, the amazing SACRAMENTO, who said, ”  60 is the beginning of the best part of your life, dear Pam.”   Hear, hear!!
On this day, it is especially important to me to say THANK YOU to all of you who read, follow, comment, tweet, FB, and have become friends on this blog.  You are so special to me and have made each day a blessing and a joy!!  I figure we all have many, many years ahead of us together!!
Oh yeah….sizzling, sensational, soaring, sexy, 60!  
Of course, we cannot leave out fashion!!
This fun, flowy jacket and white tank are from CHICOS SALE ITEMS!  Perfect for humid, hot weather!  If you missed that link, check out the sale HERE
INPINK sent me this beautiful blue and gold necklace which I know I will wear a lot. You can find it HERE.
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Jeans are from COLDWATER CREEK, HERE and currently 40% off. (don’t you just love July sales!!)
Now, I am off to the spa and a special dinner this evening.  I will have birthday bits throughout the week.  Until then make sure on Sunday evening and Monday to visit the talented bloggers of Patti’s Visible Monday and MONDAY MINGLE!!
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