Famous Footwear: 2013 Back to School Trends

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It’s that time of year again….back to school shopping is in full
  Do you realize that 20% of
parents start shopping for school gear in July and 32% in August?  Sales have already begun.  65% find preparing students on all grade
levels stressful…including the stress incurred from extra spending.
So, FAMOUS FOOTWEAR would like to help relieve some of that
stress!!  They currently have some great
sales going on and also offer these suggestions:

As you may know,
all shoes at Famous Footwear are
the season’s current, on-trend styles, and shoe shoppers can find shoes for
adults and children in any store or via FAMOUS FOOTWEAR.COM
•       Neon is on trend.
•       Canvas shoes
continue to make the grade.
•       Lace-up boots are
the must-have for the stylish teen this fall.
•       Flats are always a
favorite for comfort and versatility, and this fall metallics are still hot.
•       School shoes for
uniforms will remain a staple for many kids
•       So will backpacks
and string bags.
Since I am a
teacher, I know you cannot go wrong with brands like Nike, Converse and
Sperry.  They are universally loved by
youth!  It’s worth it to check out your
local Famous Footwear and score great brands for great prices!!
Have a fabulous
Saturday everyone…it’s a great day to shop!


  1. It'll be fun to see what sneakers you chose! Happy almost Birthday. As another 1953 baby, I think it's great.

    Thank you so much for your comment on Dross. Joey's dad is better now that they put in a stent to open up one of his arteries. His mom has been transferred to a hospice facility closer to the house. We are blessed with friends and family to support us. Thank you again for your prayers!!

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