My taste is pretty easy to see if you walk inside my closet…I love black and white…neutrals and prints!

That hasn’t really changed much over the years, but if you walked inside my head…it would be a different story.

I can remember a time, in my forties, when I would look in the mirror…say YUCK…and leave the house for the day!  Not surprising that many of those days dragged on with little enjoyment.

We are usually our own worse critics.  But, I have learned that “self-talk” can be powerful and make a huge difference as to how we look and feel every day.  There was a long time when I thought words like FABULOUS, SAVVY, AMAZING…belonged to anyone but me!

But, the last ten years have changed all of that…now I OWN those words.  I don’t care of the rest of the world thinks the same, all that matters is that I do.  My self talk has kicked out the negative and when it begins to creep in, I verbally say STOP!  

I will no longer allow anyone…including that little negative voice which sometimes comes back…to rob me of my joy!!

I am as fabulous as any
flower in the garden. Can you say the same?

This has nothing to do with how expensive your clothes are or how skinny your body is or how tight your skin.  It has to with looking and feeling our best every day and then loving the fact that we do!
The black and white of it is….What do you think of you?  I think all of you are amazing!  Now, go have a great week!!

Lane Bryant Print Tunic Top (I love this top!!)
(Ring purchased at consignment shop last year)

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