If You Can’t Do Hermes….

I would love to have the income which allowed several HERMES scarves to live in my closet….but, alas, I don’t.   The good news is, there are many great retailers offering affordable accessories ….please share with us your favorite places.

(My son came up with the “angelic” lighting!)

I love places like MARSHALLS, Ross, STEIN MART, and of course, great clearance racks for fun scarves!!
Now, it’s your turn…where do you find the best bargains on scarves….

The outfit:
Necklace is Homemade!!
Have a joyful Tuesday everyone!!!


  1. Pam your scarf and necklace look terrific with the white jacket – the weight and proportion are perfect. I find that I pick up most of my scarves at Steinmart. I am also on the lookout for vintage scarves online and local open air markets.

  2. Pam I love this pose and the depth of the image, who shoots your fashion shots. I love Chicos as much as you do and of course I do not buy unless on sale and they always have a sale. I have found scarves in all kinds of little shops, and many not expensive at all!

    You made you necklace! Wow, Bravo creative lady!

    2013 Artists Series-Kerry Steele

  3. The best place for scarves that are soft and great in color is…Tar-J
    (Target)…I wear scarves alot and my favs are from the great T…
    Who would have thought?…

  4. Love the colors in that scarf, Pam…so summery! I agree that wonderful scarves can be found at all prices, and one needn't get spendy for something beautiful.

  5. I often buy my scarves at thrift stores (surprise)! But I wouldn't mind owning an authentic Hermes one day – they do have a certain something . . .

  6. I love scarves, can be so inexpensive and add so much to your outfit
    Seriously, Old Navy has adorable scarves for a great price
    Love the colors in this scarf you are wearing today

  7. I love the scarf and necklace. I shop also shop at Marshalls and Target for accessories. One place I found is called Charming Charlie in the Galleria in Pittsburgh which is also conveniently located near Chico's.

  8. This is a lovely outfit! I wish I could wear jackets this time of year! Isn't it too warm in Texas for a jacket and a scarf over a t shirt? Maybe layers are possible in Texas because of air conditioning! In New England, air conditioning in our hot and humid summers is not universal. Then again, I am in the "Is it just me,or is it hot in here?" stage of life! Perhaps, in a few years, when my overheated days are thru, I can use layers again!

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