Fall 2013 Planning…Yes, It’s Time!!

I know from speaking with you the last three years, that many begin to plan your fall wardrobes now.  After all, it is almost time for the famous NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!!

Here is the fun seasonal color chart from PANTONE!  Of course, I love this combination of turbulence and carafe:

This color guide is always helpful.  Another helpful guide of course are the wonderful fashion magazines!

As you can tell by the cover there are some excellent articles in the AUGUST INSTYLE.  I was pleased to see that pointy toed flats are still in. I love this new pair I found on the MARSHALLS clearance rack!

Remember many retailers run their best sales in July…big savings for the upcoming season.

  Which colors are your favorites??

Tell us, then go visit the other great bloggers at KATIE’S FAVORITE THINGS BLOG HOP!!, and have a joyful Thursday, all!!

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  1. Fall…an interesting concept now that I'm living in the tropics of Mexico. The only fall wardrobe item needed here is the addition of a sweater or light wrap. I do miss the colors of fall in Ohio however.

  2. I actually know how you feel, but I have learned to wear the colors without the heavy garments, since we don't get that cold in South Texas. Autumn can be beautiful and the colors glowing no matter where you are!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. I like your new shoes – they're almost a 'cork effect.' Colourwise I like Turbulence too & the Mykonos blue which is lovely. It's summer here (at last) so I can't concentrate on autumn!

  4. The shoes are lovely. What a great combination of color and texture plus comfort. I saw the article on emerald and I'm searching for items in this color. I've always found this color appealing.

    blue hue wonderland

  5. I love the emerald and koi colors -especially as accents in jewelry or a scarf or handbag or shoes – as you've demonstrated! I have been interested in navy lately but not finding just the right shade – the myconus blue is interesting and I will see if I can find it in my neck of the woods.

  6. Our climate is similar to yours, Pam, and I agree- it's fun to change up the colors and textures for Fall. I am really liking these colors – the purple and deep lichen green are gorgeous.

  7. Linden green and Mykonos blue look interesting. I have been drawn to cooler shades lately, probably because the weather in the Northeast has been stifling this summer. I'm actually looking forward to fall and I never like to see the summer leave.

  8. Acai and Vivacious , I use to accessorize and as sweaters/tops with turbulence.
    I wear so much gray and black in the winter that the pops of color in the luscious purple and raspberry tones make me very happy!

    Pam I love your new shoes!

    2013 Artists Series

  9. I'm a girl who loves her summer but those colors get me excited about fall days (well, as much fall as San Antonio actually gets). I love the Turbulence, Vivacious, and Koi!

  10. You are right at this time of year the sales can be great. I read the magazines to get a sense of colours and shapes for the next season and then try and find bargains in the sales that reflect these trends.

  11. I can't possibly pick only one color,LOL I really like the linden green and emerald tones a lot. those shoes are cute! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop.xo

  12. Its actually easy,the older I became silly me stopped looking at the young 20 something age group and starting putting my colors together by mother earth….such as…..blues,greens,browns,etc. By season..just look around you…..I. live. In ANGOLA,NY. And seasons change, I simply follow mother nature. 🙂

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