“I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but 
three summer days – three such days with you I 
could fill with more delight than fifty common 
years could ever contain.”
Leave it to John Keats to 
make summer days 
sound inviting….yet (despite 
the heat), there 
have been some very special
moments this summer I wanted
 to share…

For example, at a meeting in
Fifth Avenue this week, I met a 
beautiful young girl…stunning. I
 assumed she was 
studying fashion merchandising
 for a her degree.  The
wonderful surprise was that she
 is studying library science,
 because she is an avid lover of 
As a high school teacher, we are
 constantly lamenting over 
the fact that young people have ceased to love reading in 
huge numbers.  Katie was a breath of fresh air…and she
will be one of the prettiest librarians I have ever 
known…wish I had snapped her picture!
 Now, meet Calley Gonzalez, one of San Antonio’s shining
 lights on the fashion design landscape.  She was recently 
featured as an up-and-coming designer in British Vogue 
and is the 
fearless leader of the San Antonio Fashion Alliance.  I am 
working with her to promote the SAFA and our October 
2013 Fashion Week.  She is a very impressive business 
woman, creative designer, and mom!  Below see one of her
designs on the cover of the Fashion Week brochure:
Finally, before I began counting 1200 calories a day, my 
husband (lover of small town bakeries) and I ventured into
this hidden treasure in Marble Falls, Texas….BROTHERS 
BAKERY & CAFE!  The coffee drinks are worth the drive 
from SA, and
some day I will treat myself to another fresh
Have a wonderful Friday…keep your 
eyes opened
for special summer moments!!

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