Pink: Some Days Love It, Some Days Hate It

I am so wishy-washy when it comes to the color pink.  Some days I think it is gorgeous, other days I think I will never wear it again.  I have pretty much decided to keep it in accessories only!  I was living a happy no-pink lifestyle until….

These ELLEN TRACY shoes caught my eye on the MARSHALLS clearance rack.  I picked them up and a woman walked up…
“Are you going to buy those?”
“I don’t know yet.  I was just about to try them on.”
She walked away.  It is amazing how powerful peer pressure can be.

I tried them on and they did look beautiful on my feet…but, they are pink!  A different woman walks by.  Stands there.  Watches me looking at them in the mirror.
“If you decide not to get those, would you come find me in purses and bring them to me?”
“Sure”  (Pink begins to look even better)

I did buy the shoes, because they were beautiful on my feet and I know I will get a lot of wear out of them.  But, it does help to know they were loved by others…including the employee at check out…she wanted them too!!

Anyone else have a color you struggle with?

Have a happy Saturday everyone!!
(Stay Cool!)


  1. Great shoes, Pam! I know what you mean about peer pressure… 🙂

    I'm not fond of pink that's too little-girly. On the other hand, that vibrant pink like your shoes? LOVE it and wish I could wear more of it!

  2. Used to love pink now not so sure. However it is a strong colour for this Autumn and am contemplating saving up for a pink coat! (used to have a gorgeous one many years ago.

  3. Gorgeous shoes – both the colour and the sling-style. You have certainly made the right decision.

    I tend to comment on other ladies too when they try on something I like and think it suits them well – of course only in a positive way.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  4. Love the shoes, pink is hard to walk away from. I love the color green, but its the hardest color for me to wear. I'm trying it in accessories and accent tops, to get my satisfaction quotient for the color.

  5. Very cute shoes -perfect for this time of the year. I love pink – all shades, so glad you have found your comfort zone with this color. I have branched out with color-especially in the bright colors I wear – yellow and orange this year – they are such happy colors. I am working to find the right balance in how I wear them and I am having lots of fun in the process.

  6. What a great pair of shoes!!! I can't do purple… a friend of mine wears it constantly and when I try it on, all I see is her staring at me in the mirror…. looks nice on her, but I just can't do it….. that's ok… I like pink!!!

  7. My pink has morphed in a blush color lately. I used to adore bright pinks of all tones, but the softer ones are more flattering to my coloring now.
    Very funny story about the other shoppers coveting the shoes. Women frequently want the opinion of other women on their purchases. You got yours early!!

  8. I struggle with not one color, but many colors. Like in a print fabric. I see them on other ladies and think how nice they look, but when I wear a print I feel uncomfortable for some reason… I think I do own two print dresses that I like, but they are not bold colors. More muted tones.

  9. Lol; sometimes there can be battles over clothing!!!
    Pink is a difficult color; love the color in the shoes tho! I got a pink skirt this year that i am thinking of dyeing…..

  10. Pink is one of those colors that can be dreadful or stunning – all a matter of tone. Dusty, cotton-candy pinks don't work with me at all… raspberry to fuchsia tones can be gorgeous. Go figure…

    Yellows are very tough, too, for many complexions.

  11. I can be iffy about pink too. But lately I have been feeling it again and loving it, especially with white or charcoal gray. I love those shoes, I hope you are going to be wear them soon! XO, Jill

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