Purses … My News and Michael Kors News

Yesterday, Michael Kors announced his lawsuit against Costco for a Bait and Switch Advertising Scheme with his handbags.
According to news sources, Costco has done this before.  They must not have learned a lesson.  CLICK  HERE to see ABC News report.
My news is much smaller.  I like to use big purses for work during the school year and I recently found this BIG BUDDHA I really liked at Marshalls.  Click on their name to see their Fall 2013 line.

Then, I walked down the street to a yard sale and found a beautiful red leather ELLEN TRACY classic handbag.  Both will be perfect for when I return to teaching next month!!

Anyone else have handbag news to share??

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!  Today is my beautiful daughter’s 27th birthday!!  I am so proud of her and wish her a good one!!  She is turning out to be a great mom herself!!


  1. I love big purses too – except I tend to cram as much as I can into them and I end up with a back ache lol
    Those ones are gorgeous……….
    As is your daughter !!!

  2. What great finds! I love a big purse like the red one, it makes such a statement while still being useful. Happy Birthday to your daughter — she is lovely 🙂

  3. Cute bags!!
    Happy birthday to your daughter–funny thing our daughter turned 27 on June 14th–our girls are only about a m9onth apart ina age!

    I totally NEEd a grandbaby!!

  4. You have the most amazing fortune in finding such great bargains. Perhaps I just don't take advantage of opportunities in which to find them. Shopping after all, is not my favorite pastime. Your daughter is beautiful and best wishes to her.

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