From Fashion to Furniture…It’s All Fun!

From the beautiful world of fashion to the beautiful world of home design,  today I want to share with you a couple of fun projects!

First, my friend Cyndee, designer of JUVY JEWELS, and her architect husband have won an award from the City of San Antonio for their beautiful, environmental friendly home.  The FIFTH ANNUAL GREEN BUILDING AWARD was theirs in the residential catagory!

Way to Go, Cyndee!!

My summer project has been to finally design a formal dining room for our family.  At the beginning of the summer this room was empty…over the years it has been an office and collector of all things including school backpacks and football pads!  I have longed for a real dining room for sometime, but it had to be done on a budget.

It all began when my dear friend Gigi, who is moving away, offered me six dining chairs (The rest to come next week).  So, I began to look for a table.  There was an old gold chandelier hanging her as well.  

I found the table and lighting fixture during Fourth of July sales at a wonderful local resale shop, TOO GOOD TO BE THREW…they were exactly what I desired at the right price.  The table is heavy, dark wood from Storehouse originally.  

The painting was my Mother-In-Law’s and I have always loved it.  The wreath is from Target and found HERE.  It is hanging over an antique chest which was one of the first pieces of furniture we bought 28 years ago…for only $25…and it has a beautiful marble top.  The dried roses are from my daughters wedding bouquet and the crockery bowl from my own grandmother’s East Texas farm.

The curtains were on sale at
KOHLS and the Ralph Lauren table runner, trees, and placemats from
MARSHALLS.  Sometimes you have to be resourceful with what you have!  Furniture consignment is just as wonderful as clothing!!

The whole job was around $580!!  Pretty good for a whole dining room that I love….this mixed-up furniture style is completely me!!  It still has a bit of the French Country feel to it…found in the rest of my house.
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Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!!


  1. Great job, Pam. Don't you just love repurposing furniture and items/treasures found through out your home, not to mention those that had once belonged to someone else? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well done, Pam!! It looks comfortable and inviting. That lighting fixture especially was such a great find. They can be SO expensive!!

  3. You are full of surprizes! Love your "new" dining room—thanks for sharing the stories behind your special family momentos. That's what makes a house a home.

  4. Really nice! And it'll look even better when the rest of Gigi's chairs arrive!

    How did the mirrored wall come to be; has it always been that way? I like it.


  5. That's a nice light fixture. I like the color of the walls a lot. Sometimes they show those long farmhouse tables with a bench on one side. I think that's nice because when you don't need the extra seating the bench can get pushed under the table or go against the wall.

  6. I like that light fixture and the color of the walls a lot! I painted a room a similar color and the painter said to my husband, "are you sure you want this color?"
    My Mom has some of those chests with marble tops. My Grandmother was partial to them and left us several that she'd had refinished.

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