“Ageless is first an organic,natural approach to fashion.  It is based on wearing good design with the right foundations underneath – it is a given that creating a flattering silhouette on a body of any size is appealing at any age.”

recommended this book, STYLE EVOLUTION BY KENDALL FARR, and I am early in the reading. but so far am really enjoying what she says.

“A woman with ageless style looks individual and plugged in to what is current, but she interprets things her own way.”  I know most of the ladies on the blogs attempt to do this….their own way.

One of her points is something I need to remember: As a woman’s body gets softer (nice way to put it) the more structure she needs in her clothes.

Maybe it is time for me to wear less of the drapey styles of jackets!!

What do you think of her words in this paragraph:
“We are an unprecedented group…we baby boomers. While some of us were hippies and others of us were yuppies, we all share a rejection of traditional notions of middle age.  That most of us don’t dress like our mothers is well documented.  That we dress to please ourselves is also known by researchers.  I read recently that to reach us – meaning to harness our staggering spending power – the approach would be psycho-graphic rather than demographic.  Yet, retailers struggle to pin down what we want because our psychology is represented variously in a female tribe with diverse notions of self-adornment, self-improvement, and what it means to dress appropriately for ones age.”

Are we really that difficult to figure out?

I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book as I am looking forward to Tish Jett’s new book, 


She is currently in the state’s to see her new grandchild and embark on a book tour!!  I know it will be successful.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!

Now, tell me…as consumers…are we as diverse and complicated as Farr describes us??

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