Style Evolution by Kendall Farr


“Ageless is first an organic,natural approach to fashion.  It is based on wearing good design with the right foundations underneath – it is a given that creating a flattering silhouette on a body of any size is appealing at any age.”

recommended this book, STYLE EVOLUTION BY KENDALL FARR, and I am early in the reading. but so far am really enjoying what she says.

“A woman with ageless style looks individual and plugged in to what is current, but she interprets things her own way.”  I know most of the ladies on the blogs attempt to do this….their own way.

One of her points is something I need to remember: As a woman’s body gets softer (nice way to put it) the more structure she needs in her clothes.

Maybe it is time for me to wear less of the drapey styles of jackets!!

What do you think of her words in this paragraph:
“We are an unprecedented group…we baby boomers. While some of us were hippies and others of us were yuppies, we all share a rejection of traditional notions of middle age.  That most of us don’t dress like our mothers is well documented.  That we dress to please ourselves is also known by researchers.  I read recently that to reach us – meaning to harness our staggering spending power – the approach would be psycho-graphic rather than demographic.  Yet, retailers struggle to pin down what we want because our psychology is represented variously in a female tribe with diverse notions of self-adornment, self-improvement, and what it means to dress appropriately for ones age.”

Are we really that difficult to figure out?

I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book as I am looking forward to Tish Jett’s new book, 


She is currently in the state’s to see her new grandchild and embark on a book tour!!  I know it will be successful.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!

Now, tell me…as consumers…are we as diverse and complicated as Farr describes us??


  1. I am excited to read more Pam. I have quite a few drapery jackets and sweaters. I think you are right though. It is time (for me) to wear some of my more fitted jackets. Love your necklace!

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  2. Hi ya Pam,
    First off, I love your leopard shoes!! so cute. Next, this book you are reading sounds fascinating! I love reading books like that and so interesting to hear about your generation's fashion sense. I think its so great when people have such an awesome creative style sense- a style that is so individual. I see people who wear things that look so great but I would never have thought to combine those things together myself. I often wish i was more creative and artistic than such a sporty girl. Guess thats a result of growing up with all brothers 🙂

    You look awesome as usual and I like the drapey kind of sweater on you, it totally suits you!!
    xo J

  3. I read this book some time ago and enjoyed it very much. It is probably still around I might have a re-read. There are a few stores in London that in my opinion offer clothes appealing to our age group but not many.

  4. Personally I think self-esteem has a big part to play in trying to pin down the right look. Some are searching for the look that makes a transformation and until we are happy with, and accept ourselves as we are…… that perfect outfit will never come along. Pam, you are a perfect example because you said you were "empty" until you started taking care of yourself. Don't you now feel better about how you look and feel in your clothes? You certainly are an inspiration.

  5. You're absolutely right, Pam. If the visual line of a woman's body starts at the shoulders and goes straight down, that is the "visually perceived" width of the body. We look as wide as our shoulders! I've found if I "build-in" a waistline, a bit higher than my natural waistline, I'm perceived as looking slimmer. That slightly higher spot where I'm the narrowest is called the "sweet spot". Gotta love that! Love your blog…

  6. Interesting quote about the softer a woman's body gets the more she needs structure in her wardrobe. I never thought of it like that before, but I think she is right. I don't think I can read another style book, this one would have to be pretty special for me to pick it up. I used to love them but I think I've read so many that I can almost write the table of contents just by looking at the cover! As for retailers I think it's crazy for them to try to figure out what boomers want. Make your product (and make it a good product), put your product on the market, and let the consumer decide!

    Completely unrelated side note: Animal Prints for October's "How I Wear My". You in? We are accepting pictures until October 1. XO, Jill

  7. I am not really into style books, have however read this one, and I like her common sense approach. And yes, I do think that structure is very important as we get older. The way I solve this is by adding a loose fitting cardigan over an otherwise streamlined outfit. I leave the volume on volume to the younger women, on me it looks simply messy.

  8. Pam, Love the drapey cardigans on you. They look great with your ankle length pants. I think the trim pants give you the "structure" that pulls the look off. Its really modern look that you do so well. Keep smiling you inspire everyone! Sorry to hear your best buddy moved away. Keep the texts alive. Shared words will keep you both connected 🙂 PS. Thatsnotmyage has a great post up with a pic of a gray haired woman with glasses in a black long drapey card and trim black ankle pants. Its stunning!

  9. Love your drapey cardis and ankle pants. A very modern look. Check our thatsnotmyage. She just posted a pic of a gray haired woman with glasses with a black drapey cardi and ankle pants. It looks fantastic.
    Sorry to hear your bestie moved away. Keep the texts message going and keep smiling.

  10. After my appointment at the cancer clinic today, I sat in a comfy armchair in a mall with a mocha in hand and watched people go by. I looked specifically to see what women in our age range were wearing and it was enlightening. Some dressed much like our mothers might have a generation ago while others were definitely plugged into what's current as Farr puts it and had clearly figured out a style of their own that worked. They were the ones with a confident bounce in their step.

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