For the last three years, I have been up and down the scales so often…it has been like living between two bodies…not of land or water…but, literally, two bodies!!
I have spent equal time as
The Size 16, Womens, version of me
The Size 16, Misses, version of me
Sometimes I am a little slow, and it took awhile for me to understand how different the two sizes are…but, they are very different.
Currently, I am inches close to becoming the Misses’ body yet again. The other is currently too large and baggy, but the Misses is still a little tight. 
SIGH.…At least this time, I am committed to my physical training program and that is what I have lacked in the past, and that is what gives me hope that I won’t go back again.  So, I will continue to be patient and wait until my current wardrobe no longer works.
But, if I were shopping, here are some items I would love to try on…

This great line of slimming dresses from DRESS BARN.
This gorgeous ponte knit and 
leather jacket from TALBOTS.
I need a beautiful navy blazer…
and this wool jacket from
TALBOTS certainly has my 
Just a little reminder, my weight loss program has to do with health,
but I confess, I would like for once in my life to feel like I have 
conquered the problem.  This is at the top of my bucket list…to
look and feel my absolute best!
What item would you like to add to your wardrobe
today if you could? 
I would love to have coffee with each of you today
and talk clothes…but sense we can’t, we can all talk

Happy Tuesday!! 

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