I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!  In the past couple of weeks, I have read many conversation
threads, mostly with bloggers, which boil down to one word…authenticity.  How do we define it?  Some of the questions which have jumped out
of these threads for me personally have been:

Can I be an authentic
person blogging about fashion and beauty…a world some view as completely FAKE?
Am I a fake at 60
years of age blogging under a name, over50feeling40?
Am I a fake at 60
working with many fashion and mommy bloggers much younger than I, or even
working with midlife bloggers? 
Am I a fake coloring gray hair with brown?
Am I even a fake today,
wearing garments from LANE BRYANT, a retailer targeting much younger women than me?
Finally, who decides
authenticity for another person?

Reading many of the threads, I walked away questioning my
own authenticity.  “How can that be?” I
asked.  “I am beyond open with my life on
my blog…more than many women would be comfortable with.” Why, am I allowing
anyone to question my motives?  Am I
a fake if I smile most of the time? Does aging over sixty mean I must always
look serious and frown?  Am I trying a hopeless attempt to hang on to youth by blogging with younger women, coloring my hair, and shopping where I shop??  (seriously, all of this came from reading these conversations!)

 After much pondering,
here is how I finally answered these questions:
I blog about fashion
and beauty as some blog about art, food, theater…as an art form and as
something which can empower and give confidence to women.  I learned ten years ago that when I take care
of me and feel good about me, I enjoy life! 
Outsides are often a reflection of what is happening inside.
I actually think with
people living well over 100, that 60 is still middle age.  But, I also believe older women need to spend
time with younger women sharing the good and bad, the lessons, and the
experiences of life.  We learn and grow
from one another.  This also keeps us (the seasoned ladies) mentally
I color my hair for
now (I know the time is coming all too soon that I will stop fighting the battle), because when I look in the mirror I smile  I feel good about me and I see me, a strong, joyful woman.  Same thing for my garment selections.  I do not choose them because they come from a
youthful retailer, I choose them because they meet my personal style
guidelines. I rarely ask myself if something is age appropriate, but rather, is
it communicating the messages I desire to communicate.
I, not a village, decide what is
authentic for me.  I am striving to be
the best, confident me at 60.  If others
think that means I need to be gray or wear different clothes or look despondent, I am sorry, I am
going to go with what works for me.  This
blog name is about living and feeling our best. 
It does not mean that I want to be 40….it means that I want to feel good
about Pam right where she is.  It means
that Pam is at the top of my priority list.  That gives me confidence, joy, and strength…right
where I am today. 
So, am I just being blind?… how do you define

Have a wonderful week ahead, everyone!  Breathe in the fresh air around you, and  go
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