Fabulous Clothes Should Not Be Weapons!

You might recall that I have been assisting my daughter with moving from our home into her new home with her family.  Moving is NOT a time when we normally dress up…in fact, for days we have been at our grungiest.

So, off we went to Walmart to pick up some needed items. While there we went (of course) to the baby department…every boy needs an Elmo!

That was where we met her…she was dressed impeccably…quality clothes, each hair in place, beautiful make up…and blocking the entire aisle. We stood there for a moment and then I encouraged my daughter to slide on by and get our purchase.  I have not been looked head to toe with that much disdain in a long time. Her nose was so out of joint and she continued to block the aisle until she was finished…these commoners would have to wait! 

Before I went through my makeover ten years ago, I would avoid people. My self esteem was so low, I did not want to speak with any strangers. But, after I began to dress and fix up, it brought me such joy, I started to be nicer and friendlier to all those around me.  I hope that is 
how it is with you .  Nice clothes and a great pedicure should not cause women to look down  on other women.  It is deplorable behavior to be ugly to someone who is not dressed as nice as you.  Let your appearance begin inside and radiate from within…accessorized with a smile and servant’s heart!

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!! 


  1. Obviously she has never seen the "people of walmart" slide shows. Betting you at your grungiest could not compete. Hoping the next person she looks at that way pleasantly of course puts her in her place, nice clothes do not make a nice person. Nice article Pam

  2. That's terrible that this ugly personality cast a momentary shadow on your wonderful day. It's funny but I think that same woman was here in Vancouver at the same time! How did she do that? This is an excellent case of how a gown can't mask the person inside. I know I would feel joy if I walked past you dressed up or dressed down.

  3. So well said my dear. I do live a double fashion life in many ways. On hard working days at my studio I wear what you are talking about….probably pants covered with paint. I do get the looks especially if I stop by Macy's to shop. I've grown used to it after all these years. People can be very shallow and that is sad. I make it a point to never judge how others dress.

    blue hue wonderland

  4. When someone like that crosses my path, I remind myself that I don't know what is happening in their life. They may be going through something hard or that is who they are. In either case, it has nothing to do with me. Just smile as you think about taking Elmo home to the little angel at home. If Ms. Disdain is so unkind to strangers, I can't imagine she is any kinder to family.

  5. We don't have Elmo here I am sure my grandson would love one. We have similar here they seem to congregate in certain areas of London. I did an experiment years ago. I dressed in my business attire and went to a department store and as served quickly and politely then another day I went dressed in my gardening clothes and had a very different experience.

  6. Well put!! We all have our moving or just coming from the gym moments….when we need that one shade, cleaning supply or paper towels to get the job done…

  7. Great post. I hate people who seem to think they are the only ones around and have no manners. So irritating. I love the picture of the baby with his Elmo. Adorable! My daughter has 3 little Elmos and even though she is 6 she still loves them. XO, Jill

  8. Once again, you are a master wordsmith! Well stated! Her Highness was no better than she should be. She showed her ugly step-sister side. A truly gracious, beautiful woman is above all, gracious at all times.

  9. Oh goodness, that entitlement mentality again!! How sad!

    Pam, YOU are definitely a woman of class and kindness.

  10. But on the other side…maybe she is going thru a difficult time. Maybe she has heartache, or is ill…who knows her story. She may be projecting herself in a way and doesn't realize how she appears outwardly…fixing the outside to cover up whats going on inside. I've learned not to let someone's look affect me…it has nothing to do with me. And this well put together woman had nothing to do with you. Could be it had more to do with your insecurities than hers?

  11. I always try to clean up and comb my hair wherever I go. However, we have a local shopping center that's mostly the high end stores. I feel like I have to dress differently to go there to spend the same money that Home Depot and Walmart will gladly take from me. It's a funny world we live in…

  12. Wow, I find this so disturbing! I do get comments from other women who will say "ugghg, how can you wear thrifted clothing, that is so gross". This is my choice! I can pay full price if I want but now that I don't HAVE to, I still CHOOSE to! pippa

  13. Pam, that is the whole premise of my blog title – Beauty Without Within. It is vertically impossible to be truly beautiful without unless you are also beautiful within. If women could only learn that.

  14. Simply, beauty comes from within. I don't agree with the woman's attitude and thought the other commenters who allowed that she may have been going through some sort of hard time… were being generous. Maybe she was, but no excuse. "Class" is something you are born with, not to, and it cannot be acquired. Cheers to you! …Violet.

  15. Funny, because when I read your blog title, I thought you were gonna talk about people with spikes on their clothes or shoes. I envisioned you being bumped into someone with sharp clothing. Sorry that person was rude. Sometimes people are just clueless about their behavior. Hope your daughter enjoys her new home.

  16. Never mind that rude women… that sweet little grandson brings a smile to my face. Is there anything more peaceful than a sleeping baby? And Elmo!?! Memories.

  17. Beauty comes from within us, whatever our age, dress style, education or culture. I think it's possible that this woman might be suffering from some insecurities of her own, which are all to often masked with pride and arrogance. I feel compassion for her.
    Good post.
    Much love.

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