Smiling, Waving and Walking…over 100 pounds LOST!

Yesterday, many of you confirmed the power of kindness and a smile…so I thought you might like this story!  Four years ago, the man above began walking up and down the road where our school is located.  He is there faithfully every day at the time school lets out and he waves at every car passing by!
Parents were terrified of him …some mistrusted his intentions and thought him to be a predator! So after three years of listening to him being called a fruitcake (after all, NO ONE is that happy, they said), I sent my high school reporters out to walk with him and find out the scoop!
If you will click HERE, you can hear his own story from one of our local television stations (they just told it Tuesday night)…so glad we were on the story first!!  

As I said, he is there rain or shine…in fact, I would worry were he not there.  Some days I need to see that smile and wave at the end of a long day…I look forward to it…and did you hear how much he weighed when he started?? What great exercise…waving, smiling and walking every day!

Remember…you are never fully dressed without a smile!

Have a wonderful Thursday…visit the other ladies of Katie’s Favorite Things Blog Hop…and keep smiling!!

Thursday Favorite Things

I have owned all of these garments for over a year…

The graphic blouse is Foxcroft and I highly recommend their blouses. The fabric is fabulous!



  1. Will you please find Levi's Revel Jeans in San Antonio, test them and let us know if they really lift an old butt as they claim in their PR??? Thanks. I read and enjoy your blog every morning.

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