Ioma Youth Booster & Bespoke: Celebrating You!

Celebrate!  That is exactly what we did recently at Saks Fifth Avenue…we celebrated my friend, Kerry turning 60!  IOMA-PARIS hosted a party for her friends to celebrate our ages right now!

We played with makeup for the holidays (more on that Sunday morning) and we discussed the importance of hydration. That really is the key word for women of a certain age…hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

One of the reasons I love using IOMA is how intensely personal their products are.  It just doesn’t make sense that my daughter and I would use the same skincare products and so many lines are mass diagnosed.  Their new BESPOKE is the most personal any woman can receive.  It is mixed just for you at the counter after they see all layers of your information…you might read my past post HERE about how you begin.

The latest product, YOUTH BOOSTER, is so amazing. With the use of a MEMS sensor in the cap, we can target the areas of our face which are dehydrated and treat them immediately. It is cool…and your skin feels like velvet!

Since I began using IOMA products last summer, I enjoy almost daily compliments on my skin.  At sixty, it was just time to put the over-the-counter drug store products behind and receive some personal attention.  As consultant, Kathy, says,” if the cake is dry and crumbling underneath, it cannot be saved by great icing!!”

This little device will help to pinpoint where the dry areas of your face live and it comes with the product.

Now, isn’t this a beautiful, glowing crew?  They left here to celebrate with wine and cuisine at one of our city’s trendiest restaurants.  Skincare, make up, refreshments, a beautiful location…that’s all it takes for girls to have fun!

May your Saturday be a great one!!
Tomorrow morning we will talk makeup!


  1. Looks like you all had a good time and what a lovely group of women! I have not heard of this brand, but I will look into it. Good skincare is so important.

    blue hue wonderland

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